Airport limousine is one of the most widely used service across the world. Since it provides a perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury, more and more people want to use this service for their expedience and pleasure.

Below mentioned are some essential tips you need to come across while booking the service. These beneficial tips are for your convenience. Just in case this is the first time you are commuting through this vehicle, following these points come as must. Take a quick look:

  • Fill the reservation form with utmost attentiveness. Since, you will be coming across a plethora of columns, make sure you enter the correct details into it. Be very particular while mentioning your address (both pick up as well as drop off locations) and contact number. These two being the most important elements need to be rechecked before submission.
  • You will meet the chauffeur at the baggage claim. Hence be alert while reaching the carousel area. It is his responsibility to assist you along with your luggage, so take no tension as to how it will all take place.
  • Turn on your phone the moment you land. This is will help the chauffeur in contacting you easily and getting to the right baggage claim area. Since, the service providers would want to transfer you all the details and also let you know about the changes (if any), it is important that all the sources which can help in easy conversation between the two are opened immediately on landing.
  • Curb side pickup is also available. Just in case you want this facility, you must know that it is also present at the service provider’s desk and you can opt for it by mentioning separately during the booking process.
  • Carry the booking details. You will always get a confirmation number after you have reserved your vehicle. Along with this, you might also get details related to your driver and the car. Hence, it is your duty to carry them in hand when you land so that you can easily track and follow.

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