Your princess is turning sixteen this year. She is taking her first step to a new phase of her life. Celebrate her sixteenth birthday lavishly so that its memories can stay with her for life. Hire a Vancouver Birthday Limousine. Young girls love the idea of traveling in a Limo.

Rent a luxurious Limo for her birthday. The car has a huge space and can accommodate around 20 people in it. Limos are also equipped with all latest gears and facilities which are a must for such occasions. The Limo providers also offer a lot of special services for birthday parties in their Limos.

The idea of celebrating her birthday in a Limo will add zeal to her day There are several ways you can make your day special. Few of the ideas are mentioned in the article.

Arrange a formal dinner
Arrange a formal dinner in a restaurant. Ask all your friends to meet you at a common place from where you can pick them up in a Limo. During the trip, you can party inside the Limo. Limos come equipped with hi-tech sound systems, and other entertainment units. So you can dance on the new chartbuster or watch a favorite movie of yours.

Pick up the theme for the day and get the Limo decorated on that. Cut the cake in the car. Click a lot of pictures with your friends. The Vancouver Limo will make your sixteenth birthday the most special one.

Get around the city
Vancouver is full of exciting places that can be best visited with your friends. Arrange for a city tour in a Limo. Prepare an itinerary. Plan everything beforehand. For this, you need to hire the car for the entire day.

Negotiate the prices with the Limo provider. While going on a city tour, make sure the Limos is stocked with enough food and drinks for the way.

If you want to spend your sixteenth birthday in a simple way, just pick up your few friends and go around the city. Visit your favorite places and enjoy a hearty meal in your favorite restaurant. The facilities in a Limo will make your day entertaining and fun filled.

All these things can make your birthday a great affair. Make your budget and make sure you spend wisely on all the services you hire. This way you will save a lot of money.

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