Limousine service in itself is a very highly equipped one. It being capable of providing the best kind of high end services can offer a plethora of facilities all through the way. However, apart from what you will be proffered, there are certain things that you as a passenger can carry along in order to add a lot more to your ride than just having fun from what is presented to you on your platter.

There are a lot of people who remain in dilemma of whether or not they are allowed to carry any belongings! This is for their information, that yes, you are allowed to carry certain items for making your journey even more exciting and lit.

Below mentioned is a list of gubbins and other items that you can take along with you:

  • You can always get appetizers for your journey. These include chips, candy, party trays, french fries, sweets and other snacks. Since, munching is a crucial part of every fun-filled ride, you can always bring them along to make your journey even more special and memorable. While, most of the limo services provide you the option to add these items to your package, just in case you do not want to annex it into your journey, you can get these items on your own.
  • Music and entertainment! These two are the main elements, adding which is mandatory. You will be able to make the most of your ride only when you have got some enjoyment along. Playing perfect kind of music in the background can make your trip whole lot better and mesmerising, hence, just in case you have a particular song in mind, do not forget to add it in a CD/DVD/pendrive to get it playing while being on the way. You may also get your full playlist to the car, in case your journey is going to be a long one.
  • You can get your drinks along. Almost each and every limousine offers a mini bar along with an ice chest. Hence, you can get your favourite bottle along to make the most of your journey by adding a little alcohol to it.

The list of what you can bring along and not varies from company to company. It will always be beneficial if you write an email to the service provider asking them whether or not you can get what you are planning to take. This will ease down your worries and give you a clearer mind set as to how you need to pack for the journey. For more details and queries, get in touch with us at King Limos. We wish to hear from you soon.

Limousine service has the capability of providing us luxurious features that are way beyond our anticipation and thinking abilities. It’s working pattern is completely different from others and this is exactly what makes it stand out, even today. Not only does it focus on providing us a ride full of lush and plush amenities but each and everything associated with this car, be it it’s interior or exterior will always be found in an ideal state.


As a layman, there are only a few things that we can think of when we begin to discuss the actual concept of a limousine service. Howbeit, on performing an in depth research, you will come across the fact that there are infinite other elements that fall under the same category. Below mentioned are some points which will act as an eye opener for you. Take a quick look at them to know what you did not know about a limo service:


  • The feature packed car, limousine, is not only meant to help you with your basic commuting requirements. It can be used for many other needs such as partying on wheels, cruising around the town late at night.
  • It consists of an on board mini bar. An ice chest kept on this bar is a complimentary gift.
  • This car is inclusive of various entertaining elements such as Video player, music player, MP3, MP4, LED Tv. What you want in your ride depends entirely upon your choice, commuting purpose and budget. The main purpose of adding this point is to address you that experiencing all this is possible when moving around through limo service.
  • The expert chauffeurs of these services are sent for special training sessions before putting them to their jobs. In these sessions they learn etiquettes, routes and directions along with other basic duties which they have to perform. This ensures that complete VIP treatment will be given to you, no matter how long or short your journey will be.
  • You will never have to open the car’s door on your own. This is something that chauffeur will do for you, no matter how many times you step out of the car.
  • Your luggage will be kept safely. This means that you can leave your properties in the car just in case you plan to move out for a short while and do not prefer taking all your belongings along.
  • You can add many features and additional amenities to your ride. These options are always available. However, the annexations have to be made during the booking process only.


Do you wish to come across a seamless limousine ride that plays amazing jazz music and offers you a glass of wine the moment you put your foot aboard? Get in touch with us at King Limos to experience a journey like never before. Call and mail for bookings and other queries.

Limo rental is all about luxury and lavishness, and this is something that we all know. But what happens beyond it is something that only a few of us have observed. Limousine provides one such journey which demands activeness from all our sensory organs in order to be able to enjoy it to the maximum possible limit. The sight that it proffers our eyes is something way more than extraordinary and the ambiance we get to come across while sitting into it is completely unmatched.

Below mentioned are some points that you need to come across to understand what actually limo offers in its ride package apart from the luxurious features and amenities. Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know:

  • This vehicle is not only enticing from the exterior, but also equally good from the interior. This means that the one who gets to travel through this car is able to come across a sight that he/she will never be able to forget throughout the lifetime. It is mesmerising, unique and such that is hard to leave.
  • The seating arrangement that is proffered is extremely soft and cosy. This means that the couch one gets for sitting is so seamless and smooth that it gives you the best kind of moment of relaxation once you get settled. Just in case you are tired after a hectic event then this vehicle will prove to be the most ideal one for providing you a place where you can stretch out, sit back or may also take a nap if required.
  • Extreme convenience is provided. This means that you will be given a great deal of amenities throughout the ride so that you are put at complete ease and comfort. The chauffeur will drive your vehicle so seamlessly that no noise from the external surroundings will be able to disturb you. The best part is that you will not even come to know that the car has passed a speed breaker. The driver will also open and close the door for you at every exit and arrival.
  • The car offers a fresh environment. Positivity and energetic vibe stay in this car. Hence, even if you are upset due to your personal issues, the kind of ambiance it provides helps in gaining peace and tranquillity along with silence.

Are you planning to come across a limo rental company in Vancouver? Get in touch with us at King Limos. We do not only offer comfortable and luxurious rides but journeys that you will never wish should come to an end. For more details and reservation related queries, call or mail. We wish to hear from you soon.

Traveling has become very easy these days because of the large number of means of transport available. One can choose from the several means of transport to travel to different destinations, events and occasions. Public means of transport like buses, trains, taxis are easily available and many people travel in these as they find them convenient. However, with these means of transport, one may face delays and inconveniences. An alternative option to travel is by hiring limos.

Hired limos are made available by the several limo service providers operating these days. The main benefit of traveling in hired limos is that one does not face any delays and inconveniences as the limo service providers take care of the entire travel plan. One simply needs to reserve a ride and the rest of the itinerary is managed and organized by the limo service provider.

One can choose limo services to travel to various occasions and events like:

  • Concerts and theatres: When one wants to go to a concert or theatre, one does not want to miss any part of the show or movie. Hiring limos to go to a theatre or a concert ensures one that one reaches in time. The limo service providers ensure that the clients are picked up much before time and dropped to the theatre or concert venue in time without having to face traffic or any other problem on the route.
  • Sporting events: One can also hire limos to go to a sporting event to watch the sport one loves. The limo service providers ensure that they provide the right type of vehicle so that everyone traveling for the event gets to ride in a comfortable manner. In addition, limo service providers ensure a timely service which means that one does not have to miss any part of the game.
  • Nightclubs: When wanting to go to a night club, one can hire limos from limo service providers. The limo service providers offer limos on rent depending upon the number of people traveling to the night club. The limo service providers ensure that the passengers travel comfortably and safely to the night club. The limo service providers also ensure that the passengers are dropped back home safely.
  • Graduation parties: Graduation parties are important events for those graduating. Graduation parties can be made more memorable by hiring limos to travel to the party. The hired limos enable friends to travel together to their graduation party in complete style, comfort and luxury making their party an experience to remember.

King Limo is a well-known limo service, Vancouver. To travel around Vancouver, limo services from use assure the clients of their safety and of timely services. We maintain the best fleet of limos that are driven by expert and trained chauffeurs ensuring reliable services to our clients.

While renting a limo service is one such chore which can bring a great deal of happiness and excitement across the masses, there are certain things amidst all this that requires passenger attention and alertness.
Since, a lot of companies have opened up in this field, you have to be active while booking your car so that you can keep at bay all sorts of fraudulent activities from occurring.

Below mentioned are points which consists of answers to some most frequently asked yet highly crucial questions. Take a quick look at them to know what these are and how can they benefit you to a great extent:

  • A lot of you keep thinking, even in this era, that limo service can be booked by only those people who have a lot of money in their pockets. Since for a plethora of people this is merely an unnecessary expense, they try to avoid it as much as possible. However, things have drastically changed with passage of time. Not only is it pretty easier to book this service for your routine commuting needs, but the price structure at which these rides are available are also very affordable in nature.
  • You cannot drive your limousine. This option is available with a very few companies. So, for all those people who keep asking whether you can get this opportunity, you need to know that a chauffeur is always provided to your for driving so that you can joyously enjoy your ride by sitting in the passenger compartment and viewing what can be seen through your window.
  • Limousine can be used for a wide range of purpose. From booking it for airport shuttles or big executive tours, this service is capable of providing you a lush ride by all means. No matter how long or short your journey will, the service providers ensures that you will be provided with a thrilling combination of comfort, convenience and lavishness.

Do you wish to travel in a lush limousine? Get in touch with us at King limos to encounter a ride like never before. For more details about our services and fleet, browse our website. We understand how tiring commuting can be and hence we promise to proffer you a ride, extremely convenient and worth spending on. Please feel free to drop a call or mail in case of queries. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Limo services have become very popular over the last few years. Limo services entail renting limos for a specific time period to people who wish to travel in comfort and luxury. Limos are vehicles that exude prestige and power and are very expensive making it impossible for everyone to buy them. Limo services rent out limos they maintain for a specific amount for various occasions making it easy for several people who desire to travel in these vehicles.

Limo services have emerged as a very convenient means of traveling. One just needs to book a limo ride by providing information like the date, time and occasion of travel and the rest is handled by the limo services. The limo services offer their best limos with chauffeurs to those who reserve their ride. When traveling in a hired limo, the passengers need to exhibit a few basic etiquettes like:

  • Show regard and respect: It is important that the passengers respect the chauffeur who would be driving the limo. It is the chauffeur who would be accompanying the passengers’ right through the ride and therefore it is important to treat the chauffeur with respect. Also the chauffeur is the one who is responsible for a safe, enjoyable and comfortable ride of the passengers. The passengers must make sure to speak politely with the chauffeur and treat him with regard.
  • Take care of the limo: It is important for the passengers to treat the limo as their own vehicle and therefore take care of it. The passengers must use the features and facilities of the limo in the proper manner so that nothing goes haywire. It is also important for the passengers to understand that the limos have a seating capability and therefore they must occupy the limo seats in the right way. This way the limo does not look overcrowded and all passengers can travel comfortably.
  • Follow the laws: Passengers must follow the laws and rules of traveling in limos. The passengers need to know if there are any restrictions against standing in sunroof, alcohol intake, travel rules for minor travelers etc. This way the passengers do not face problems when traveling in a hired limo.
  • Look after the personal possessions: It is important for the passengers to take care of their personal belongings. The passengers must make sure that the do not leave any belongings in the limo and must check this when leaving the limos.
  • Tip generously: Passengers must tip the chauffeurs generously once the ride is over. The chauffeurs are the ones who make the ride comfortable and safe and must be tipped about 15%-20% of the ride amount.

King Limos is a limo service in Vancouver. We offer luxury limo services to our clients so that they can travel with use safely, comfortably and in complete luxury of our limos.

Airport limousine is one of the most widely used service across the world. Since it provides a perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury, more and more people want to use this service for their expedience and pleasure.

Below mentioned are some essential tips you need to come across while booking the service. These beneficial tips are for your convenience. Just in case this is the first time you are commuting through this vehicle, following these points come as must. Take a quick look:

  • Fill the reservation form with utmost attentiveness. Since, you will be coming across a plethora of columns, make sure you enter the correct details into it. Be very particular while mentioning your address (both pick up as well as drop off locations) and contact number. These two being the most important elements need to be rechecked before submission.
  • You will meet the chauffeur at the baggage claim. Hence be alert while reaching the carousel area. It is his responsibility to assist you along with your luggage, so take no tension as to how it will all take place.
  • Turn on your phone the moment you land. This is will help the chauffeur in contacting you easily and getting to the right baggage claim area. Since, the service providers would want to transfer you all the details and also let you know about the changes (if any), it is important that all the sources which can help in easy conversation between the two are opened immediately on landing.
  • Curb side pickup is also available. Just in case you want this facility, you must know that it is also present at the service provider’s desk and you can opt for it by mentioning separately during the booking process.
  • Carry the booking details. You will always get a confirmation number after you have reserved your vehicle. Along with this, you might also get details related to your driver and the car. Hence, it is your duty to carry them in hand when you land so that you can easily track and follow.

Have you been looking for a convenient ride from airport to your accommodation? Let us arrange an ideal limo journey for you at King Limo. For further details about our services, drop us an email. In case of reservations and queries, ring us up anytime around the clock. We look forward to hear from you soon.

A large number of limo service providers have started offering their services to people who wish to travel in limos. These limo service providers make sure that they offer limos as per the needs and requirements of the clients. Limo service providers generally maintain a large fleet of vehicles so that the traveling needs of all types of passengers can be met. Limo service providers have made it possible for people from all walks of life to travel in luxury limos in comfort and style.

When hiring limos from limo service providers, one needs to be assured of the fact that the best limo services are chosen. For this, there are several factors on the basis of which limo services must be evaluated before these are hired. These factors include:

  • Services offered: Limo service providers must be evaluated on the basis of the services offered to the clients. Limo service providers must offer their limos on rent for different occasions and events so that these can be made more memorable. It is always better to ask the limo service providers about the packages and services they offer for different occasions so that one is aware of what can be expected at the time of travel.
  • Fleet maintained: Limo services providers must be considered only after looking at their fleet of vehicles that they maintain. It is essential that limo service providers maintain a large fleet of vehicles with different types of limousines so that the traveling needs of individuals as well as groups are met. Also, one needs to ask the limo service providers as to how the vehicles are maintained and how often these are serviced. It is essential to choose limo service providers that maintain their vehicles in good condition so that no problems occur at the time of travel.
  • Safety standards: It is essential to know of the safety norms followed by the limo service providers before choosing them. When hiring limos, one must ensure that the limos are driven by experienced and trained chauffeurs so that one does not encounter problems during the ride. It is also necessary to know whether or not the limo service provider and the chauffeurs hold valid licenses and permits to offer their services or not. This is essential for the safety of the passengers. Also the insurance policy of the limo service provider must be checked before limo services can be hired.

King Limo is a well-known limo service provider in Canada. We maintain a large fleet of vehicles that are driven by our best chauffeurs so that the safety of our passengers is assured. We also cater to the travel needs for different occasions and events by offering reliable and good quality limo services.

Commuting in a limousine means coming across sheer luxury. Since, this top notch vehicle is decked up with all kinds of modern bells and whistles, moving around in it will give you an unforgettable experience. Since, buying this vehicle is beyond one’s budget in most cases, they can always use the rental services for encountering the pleasure this high-end vehicle offers.

No matter which car you choose, SUV, Sedan or any other limo, you will always be provided with an avalanche of stellar facilities. Take a look at the undermentioned points to know what these benefits of choosing a limo service are and how can you reap them along with your family or friends:

  • Limousine service promises to transfer you to your location on time. The best thing is that you will reach your destination promptly even if the traffic tends to be standstill. Your chauffeur will always check the traffic reports before heading you to your venue so that the jammed areas can be circumvented and you can be taken through less trodden and least crowded routes.
  • You will be given ample space during your travel. Since the vehicle is divided into two compartments, a privacy glass is placed in the middle of the two departments so that the chauffeur is not able to hear the conversation taking place in the other area where passengers sit.
  • The chauffeurs that are hired by the limo companies have extensive knowledge and experience. They are not only great at driving but also are well versed with all the routes of the region. This creates an advantage for the clients because this is how they are never put to any sort of a work such as navigating or searching routes etc.
  • Complete peace of mind is provided to the passengers throughout the ride. Since, the vehicle offers a very opulent ambiance, you can sit back in your comfort zone and live the moment the way you want without coming across any hassle.

Do you wish to travel in a limousine? Do not worry about your budget! We at King Limos offer limo packages at extremely cost-effective rates. For more details on our fleet, services and chauffeurs, visit the official website. You can also drop in a mail or ring us up, in case of queries or more information. We look forward to hear from you soon.

Hired limos have become very popular means of travel because of the convenience they offer. A number of limo service providers that rent out limos to people for several occasions. The aim of these service providers is to make sure that their customers and clients can travel in style and comfort. The limo service providers offer limos for hire on an hourly basis and therefore limo rides turn out to be very affordable.

Limos are hired for a variety of occasions so that these can be made more special and memorable. People hire limos for occasions like anniversaries, weddings, night parties and birthdays. When celebrating a birthday in a hired limo, one can make the day even more enjoyable. To make a birthday special, it is not enough to go out with friends and eat out. Hired limos are in fact the perfect means of celebrating a birthday in style and make it memorable.

A birthday in a hired limo can turn out to be a very special day because of the following reasons:

  • Hired limos ensure safety of the passengers. Therefore, be it a birthday of a child or an elderly person, one can always be assured of safety. Limo service providers keep the safety of their passengers as their top priority and therefore make sure that the limos are driven by expert and trained chauffeurs who can take care of any problem that may arise during the ride.
  • With hired limos, one can arrange for several things within the limo to celebrate the birthday. The person hiring the limo for a birthday can request the limo service provider for extra amenities and facilities like food, drinks, music systems etc. to make the event even more special. This way the one celebrating a birthday and all the other guests can celebrate during the ride as well and the birthday becomes more exciting and memorable.
  • When one hires a limo for celebrating a birthday, one can be assured of prompt and reliable services. The limo service providers ensure that the passengers are picked and dropped in time. The passengers also do not have to face traffic woes and other disappointments during the travel in the hired limos. The limo service providers also make sure to customize the limo services as per the needs and demands of the passengers so that they can have a comfortable and relaxed ride.

Kings Limo is a leading limo service provider in Vancouver. We maintain a large fleet of limos to cater to the needs of all types of people and all types of occasions. Our chauffeurs are experienced and well-trained to ensure that the passengers can have a safe, comfortable and stylish ride with us.