Traveling can be stressful especially when you are in an unknown city. It can pose more hassles if you have to manage driving all by yourself when on corporate tour.  Businessmen have tight schedules packed with meetings and luncheons. Driving on own can cause delays and lot of inconvenience. Why not rent a limousine and ensure quality transportation? Here are some of the perks offered by these rental services.

A style statement

Traveling in a limousine can give you a royal feel. When arriving in an event venue, everyone’s eyes would be glued in a curiosity just to see who will step out of the luxury ride. Your entry will surely attract the attention of the bystanders and all the envious eyes of the appreciators will be gazed at you. All this will make you feel out of this world.

Meeting on the go

Conducting a meeting while on the go doesn’t implicit carrying out meeting while you are on a jogging or running with your business partner. Rather, it means having it in the limo while on the way. This is possible because driving will be handled by chauffeurs. Meanwhile you can utilize the free time by discussing important matters with your clients while sitting back on plush leather seats. This can be carried out in complete privacy with ease.

Travel in a convenient manner

The capacious seating area allows you to travel together with your business associates without splitting them in different vehicles. Whether you are 2, 5, or more in number; you can choose the specific model accordingly. Each of them comes with a well-equipped interior stuffed with entertainment system, a good air conditioning system, ice chest bar, and surround sound system. No matter how long the traveling distance is, you can ride comfortably.  


Corporate events need aplomb to show that you value such occasions. For this reason, limo rental services make perfect sense. The professional chauffeur behind the wheels offers you timely pick up and drop off facilities. Since punctuality is the hallmark of such events, so he assures that no delays are caused on his part.

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Casino transfer is one of those transfers which you want should take place in complete style and extravagance. Renting a limousine for this purpose will turn out to be an ideal decision since it proves to be a royal and elegant way of arriving at the casino. Below mentioned are the points which state how limo rental will be your best choice for this transfer:

Experience extra fun with chauffeured limo service:

The best you can ever get from limo service is the chauffeurs that come up with your chosen vehicle. They assist you in the best possible manner so that nothing acts as a barrier when you are on board. The reason behind renting them for your casino transfer is that they help you grab eye movements of the bystanders by opening the door at your every entry and exit.

High end amenities are offered on board:

Another major benefit that you can reap by renting a limo service is by enjoying its plush facilities. The first look of the interior is capable enough to flatter you. It consists of leather upholstery, surround sound system, bar with a complimentary ice chest and so much more. No other transportation service has the ability to serve you the way a limo company does.

A long lasting impression on the onlookers:

Your major reason behind renting a top notch transportation service for your casino transfers is the impression that you want to put on the bystanders when you arrive at the destination. What for this purpose can be better than a limo service? Its plush appearance along with a well dressed and fluent chauffeur is all that you want for your evening.

Want to turn up like a VIP to experience what being in limelight feels like? We at King Limos are here to serve you efficiently. Our providers perform strict inspection procedure to ensure that our vehicle reaches you in immaculate condition. Not only this but our chauffeurs too have undergone expert training sessions so that they are able to perform their job properly. To avail our services or to know more about us you can give us a call at 604-690-0929.

In today’s era being ridden in luxury transportation has become a status symbol. Anything less than this is considered boring. However, not everyone can afford such posh vehicles. If you want to celebrate your upcoming occasion in an extra-ordinary manner and that too without burning a hole in your pocket, then rent limo services. It is a best way to turn your dream of extravagance into reality. Let’s have a look at some of its perks.  

Premium amenities

In such an affordable cost, you get plethora of amenities while renting a limousine. It comes equipped with standard features such as plush leather seats, ice chest bar, entertainment units, sound system, and a lot more. The mood lightning creates a warm and inviting ambience for your journey. You even get a chance to watch your favorite movie as you roll down the streets.

Professional assistance

You can even enjoy alcoholic beverages without worrying about driving. The professional chauffeur will handle the transportation issue letting you fully enjoy the ride. When you are not burdened with taking care of directions and routes, your journey becomes a hassle-free experience. The professionals being undergone with extensive training assures you smooth ride.

Diverse range

The best thing about limousine is that it comes in varied models. You can choose the required variant to suit your group size needs and budget. For smaller groups, sedans can be the best choice. For larger group travels, nothing can prove more comfortable and convenient than stretch limo rentals.  

Turn the heads away

The elegant and magnificent look of the vehicle make you hop inside it. Your attention gets riveted and you are curious to see who will get out from such a ravishing ride. You too can command such attention and turn the heads away of the onlookers by choosing to ride in posh limo vehicle.

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Are you planning a splendid event that bespoke flawlessness? This is a time where opulence has become a necessity. So, everything you arrange must be able to grab everyone’s eyeballs. While arranging transportation for your travel needs never settle for anything less than you deserve. If you wish to be treated exclusively, consider hiring chauffeured limo services for extravagant traveling experience.

Why luxury limo services?

For special events and occasions, luxury transportation is a must. Nothing can stand in comparison to limo vehicles. It’s royal and elegant look will make your entry talk of the eve. You can enjoy being the cynosure of other’s eyes.

Professional assistance

When you have a professional behind the wheels, you can get rid of the distractions that you encounter on road such as speed limits, jam packed roads, and bumps. Let chauffeur handle all these issues, while you have to just sit back, relax, and enjoy with your group. You will be taken to your destination in a stylish manner.

Cherish the amenities inside

Riding in a limousine offers you one more advantage. You can get the experience of watching your favorite movie, listening to the tunes of music and drink while on the ride. The posh interior equipped with ultra modern amenities will give you a complete royal feel.

Caters to your varied occasions

Chauffeured limo services are available for your varied occasion. With the availability of different models, you can gather your any group size and travel together with ease. You can go on a night out, wedding, birthday celebration, or any other party occasion.

A necessity for corporate travels

Limo services are in high demand among big business tycoons. Traveling in a luxury limousine best depicts their style and stature. Nothing other than a limo works best in putting a long lasting impression upon business clients. The mode of transport you travel in says a lot about your financial soundness.

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Vancouver is a coastal city on the south west corner of Canada. It is a modern, travel-friendly city with a unique mix of cultures. In addition, majestic mountains, sparkling oceans, rain forests, outstanding foliage throughout the four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It offers travelers both exceptional opportunities for outdoor adventure and sophisticated amenities of a world-class city. One of the most popular growing trends in Vancouver is limousine.

Whether it is a local resident of Vancouver or any outsider visitor, everyone has made limousine a first-choice when it comes to hire a private transport. If you want to discover the secrets behind Vancouver and take your itinerary to another level, just remember your tour and adventure to Vancouver would be incomplete with a ride in a limousine. Not only the features offered by limousines but also the services that comes along with them makes them a complete transport that caters every transportation need. Here are few listed benefits you can avail hiring a limousine for your Vancouver trip:

Get access to pre-scheduled tour packages:

One of the greatest advantages of renting a limousine from a professional limo company is you can have access to pre-planned Vancouver tour packages. Their package includes most popular and worth-seeing sites of the city and the entire tour is well-organized to make sure their clients enjoy every single minute of the trip.

Get local knowledge and support:

Riding along with professional limousine service providers you won’t have to worry about driving through the unknown streets of the new city. The expert chauffeurs are well-trained, possess ample knowledge of the geographical area and know very well how to make the quickest as well as most convenient way to get there.

Safe and timely services:

You can expect timely and reliable services from professional limo company. They employ chauffeurs having great driving skills and are trained to provide timely pickups and drop-offs. No matter how far your destination is, professional chauffeur will let you arrive back to your hotel safely and in the most comfortable manner.

Customizable packages:

Most of limo companies offer customizable package options to their clients. That means you can eliminate those unnecessary services from your package or can alter the package according to your own choice, needs and budget. This will help you prevent your pocket from fall against unnecessary costs on added amenities.

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If you want to arrive in style to your upcoming occasion, consider renting a limousine. Its posh interior and exclusive look will give you a royal feel. Whether it is a wedding, prom night, birthday bash, anniversary celebrations, night outs, or a city tour, gather everyone in an SUV and make a bigger impression on the onlookers.

Perfect for group travels

SUV limos are perfect for the group travels. The vehicle comes with spacious seating arrangement to accommodate about 10-12 passengers at a stretch. Larger SUV’s can easily accommodate about 25-28 passengers. The adequate legroom as well as headroom makes the long journey immense comfortable. If any party occasion is on the charts, just call your group of friends and ride together in one vehicle. 

Wide array of amenities

You can luxuriate amidst the high end amenities equipped inside the vehicle. It includes plush leather upholstery for a comfortable seating, plasma TV screen and sound system for perfect entertainment. Being adorned with fiber optic lightning, laser light show, and mirrored ceiling lights, it gives a complete feeling of a club.

Safety as its best

With professionals behind the wheels, you can be rest assured that you are in the safe hands. All you just need is to sit back, relax, and spend memorable time with your mates. There will be no more worry of driving and traffic issues. Chauffeur will smoothly navigate you to your destination.

Make a grand entry

Make the heads turn by arriving to your event venue in such an appealing ride. Step out of the vehicle and steal others attention.  It is an ideal vehicle for wearing luxurious dresses that are hard to fit in tight vehicles. If you are on a corporate tour, rent an SUV, make a positive impression upon your business clients, and earn good points for your business.

The spacious seating and luxurious ambience offered by SUV, makes it a perfect choice especially for party goers.

For SUV rentals in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent limo service by going an extra mile to satisfy our clients. Our red carpet treatment offered on your special day will surely make you feel out of the world. Book us and experience real luxury and elegance of traveling in limousine.

When you hire a limousine, you wish to experience the style and luxury associated with it. Whether you hire the vehicle for weddings, city tour, birthday celebration, airport transfers, or a trip to concert show, your every event will be made extra special. The services it offers are worth the price. Heads will surely turn wherever you go.

Safest and best way to enjoy nightlife

Want to have a night out with your friends without encountering any hassle? If yes, rent a limo ride. It is considered as a safe and luxurious way to enjoy the nightlife. You can plan your itinerary and leave its execution upon the provider. The chauffeur will take you to the city’s exotic restaurants, pubs, discos, or any other place that you want to be covered. With no worries of driving, you can have one of the best times with your friends. You can even indulge yourself in drinking as you are assured to get back home safely.


Arriving to your wedding venue in such an exquisite vehicle will steal others attention. The onboard amenities like sound system, fiber optic lightning, ice chest bar, and plush leather upholstery will add feathers to your ride. The beautiful decoration will make your special day more memorable.

Ride for partygoers

Limousine is most perfect ride to transport party goers in the most fun-filled manner. The immaculate fleet of vehicles comes with comfort, safety, and elegance. The disco ceiling lights and ice chests bar equipped inside the vehicle gives you a perfect party feel.

A trip to a concert

Limousine is a perfect transport to travel to and from concert venue. With no worries of driving, traffic, and parking, you can arrive to your venue in a relaxed and delighted mood. After the event, you will find chauffeur waiting for to drop you back to your destination.

To experience a complete elegant travel, rent a limo ride with King Limousine. We deliver exceptional services to our clients to make them feel special on their every eve. We provide excellent limo service at the best value in the Vancouver area. Get in touch with us for your bookings. You can call us for any additional information or fill our online reservation forms.

Limousines are associated with luxury and comfort in style. This unique ground transportation tends to be slowly becoming of the special event essentials. No doubt limousines provide great luxury and access to impeccable amenities, but this is not enough to ensure you will be availing excelled limo services. If you expect a limo company to provide you top notch services, you too have to do some homework at your end. If you are renting limo for first time and are unaware what all factors to consider to make right choice for limo, have a look on few listed points.

Know your exact needs:

The prime step that should be considered is determining your transportation needs. Pen down, how many passengers you are going to carry that day and what kind of features, decor you would need to match the specific event. This will help you making the right decision what kind of limo you should opt for it terms of model, color and amenities.

Check the services included in the package:

Look for the services your limo company will be providing on your special day. Ensure, there package includes reliable pick-ups and drop-off facility. Ask them whether they provide insurance coverage, if yes then what all aspects do they cover in their insurance cover. Check what added amenities, special offers are going to avail.

Inspect the vehicle:

Don’t miss to inspect the limo you have chosen, have a deep investigation on both interior and exterior. Check all the interior features are in good working condition and the limo is meticulously maintained, neat and regularly serviced.

Compare the rental rates:

It is suggested not to rely on a single limo company, scrutinize the fleet, services and rental rates from other limo service providers too. There have been reported many fraudulent cases where limo companies includes hidden expenses to their package including chauffeurs tip, parking fee, gratuity charges, registration, fuel charges and lot more. Make sure the limo services you are choosing do not include any such expense.

Are you looking for best limo services? King Limousine would be perfect choice for you. We are prime limo service provider in Vancouver servicing high-end fleet and excelled limo services at competitive rates. Make your reservations now and avail special offers and heavy discounts on our services. To know more, call us at 604-690-0929 or leave us a mail at We are always available at your service.

Limousine offers comfortable, luxurious, and reliable services. You might be unable to buy it due to its high cost. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its services. There are number of providers who provide limo vehicles on rental basis. You can rent it for any of your occasions and make it a memorable eve. If you are a frequent traveler, you can choose limo for airport transfer service. You can get the direct transportation facility to and from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) or the place where you are staying.

Why you would love chauffeured limo service?


Airport limo service is quite convenient in the sense that you don’t have to worry of driving issue including parking and traffic too. You will be picked up and dropped off to and from the airport in the easiest manner. The services come handy especially for those who landed the city for the first time. You need not to worry about the directions; you will be taken wherever you want to be.

Exceptional meet and greet service

Whenever you reach airport terminal, you will be received by well-dressed courteous chauffeur with a signboard of your name to recognize you. After proper recognition, he will haul your hefty luggage and take you till the vehicle in style.  Professional providers offer chauffeurs who have undergone proper training. You will be served with best amenities.

Time saving

Renting the one saves a great deal of your time especially for the corporate travelers for whom time is money. During rush hours, you will be taken from shortest route possible. While chauffeur maneuver the vehicle, you can utilize that time concentrating on important business deals.

A complete luxury

Limo services will provide you and your group, a complete luxury on the move. The sight of the sleek and elegant limo will evade half of your fatigue. Rest of the fatigue will vanish upon stepping inside the limo.  The warm and inviting ambience inside will give you a royal feel. You will feel on cloud nine how posh and comfortable car can make your experience nothing sort of pleasurable. You can enjoy chilled beverages and snacks while on the go.

For chauffeured limo rentals for your transfers to and from YVR, trust King Limos. While commuting with us, you will experience complete luxury travel. We offer you wide array of fleet stuffed with high tech amenities. Get in touch with us for your transportation needs. You can either call us or contact us online.

Whether it is a wedding occasion, graduation eve, corporate event, leisure trip or any other special event, limousines are being hired to wide extent. These high-end ground transportations not only reflect elegance and royalty, but also cater utmost level of style, comfort, safety and luxury all the way. No doubt, limos are perfect solutions to every transportation concerns but the company you are hiring for your limo services makes a great impact. If it is professional limo company you can expect top array of fleet and unique services.

Thus the kind of services, fleet and rental rates you will receive totally depends upon the type of Limo Company you are choosing. If you are planning to rent limo transportation for your next event, don’t skip to ask few essential questions from your limo service provider.

What vehicles are in your fleet?

It is important to know the fleet list of the company you are choosing. Make sure they have wide variety of vehicles ranging from simple sedans to large party buses to accommodate any group size and fully equipped with top notch amenities.

Do you provide insurance cover?

Insurance coverage can save a lot from financial loss if in case any damage or accident occurs. Ask them what kind of insurance they provide and what all aspects their insurance policy covers.

What services will be included in package?

Know about the services you are going to avail prior signing any deal. Your rental package will totally depend upon the kind of fleet and services you are choosing. It has been reported that many fraud limo companies charge their clients an overhead expense with their hidden charges including tolls, tax, fuel and parking charges. So, it is better to make understanding in advance, what all services and expense you will be charged for.

Do you offer customize option?

Professional limo companies provide customizable options to their clientele. If you are on a tight budget, then make sure the company you are choosing is providing you tailor-made option. You can customize your package by own, just discuss your needs, taste and budget with them, they can arrange the best package for you.

If you are wondering for unique limo services at unbeatable rates, hiring limo services from King Limousine would be your perfect decision. We have been setting the bar for providing wide array of high-end fleet and outstanding services at affordable rates. Our professional chauffeurs and highly trained team will work hard to make your entire ride just as exciting as your special event and full of everlasting memories. To know more, call us at 604-690-0929 or fill our contact form online. We will be happy to serve you.