Airport limousine is one of the most widely used service across the world. Since it provides a perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury, more and more people want to use this service for their expedience and pleasure.

Below mentioned are some essential tips you need to come across while booking the service. These beneficial tips are for your convenience. Just in case this is the first time you are commuting through this vehicle, following these points come as must. Take a quick look:

  • Fill the reservation form with utmost attentiveness. Since, you will be coming across a plethora of columns, make sure you enter the correct details into it. Be very particular while mentioning your address (both pick up as well as drop off locations) and contact number. These two being the most important elements need to be rechecked before submission.
  • You will meet the chauffeur at the baggage claim. Hence be alert while reaching the carousel area. It is his responsibility to assist you along with your luggage, so take no tension as to how it will all take place.
  • Turn on your phone the moment you land. This is will help the chauffeur in contacting you easily and getting to the right baggage claim area. Since, the service providers would want to transfer you all the details and also let you know about the changes (if any), it is important that all the sources which can help in easy conversation between the two are opened immediately on landing.
  • Curb side pickup is also available. Just in case you want this facility, you must know that it is also present at the service provider’s desk and you can opt for it by mentioning separately during the booking process.
  • Carry the booking details. You will always get a confirmation number after you have reserved your vehicle. Along with this, you might also get details related to your driver and the car. Hence, it is your duty to carry them in hand when you land so that you can easily track and follow.

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Airport shuttle is one of those commuting needs which each and every person has to come across in his or her life. Since, these type of travel requirements cannot be put at bay, one must make sure that the best kind of vehicle is considered for this service so that the experience turns out to be satisfactory, joyous and positive in lieu of tiresome or hectic.

Getting a plush vehicle is not a tough task, but finding the right service provider is what demands focus and direction. Limousine services being the best mode of transport when it comes to booking lavish rides, proves to be just ideal for airport shuttles. It does not only help one in grabbing a content journey but also makes sure that each and every facility is provided to the passenger which he/she might be needing during their travel.

Below mentioned are some points which will help you in grabbing an opulent limo service for your Vancouver airport shuttles:

  • Before making the payment and moving on to any other further procedure, make sure that you have checked the company’s background and profile properly. Since the market place is full of an assortment of service providers, you will find ample that are not up to the mark. In the midst of these all, finding that company which is not only reliable but also top notch is a tough task. Hence make sure that you scrutinize each and everything with wide eyes so that you do not have to incur troubles later.
  • Do not forget to check the company’s services. Since not all of them provide a plethora of services, you will have to verify whether or not their packages suit your commuting requirements properly.
  • Check the routes before you begin with it. There could be certain companies which cover only a typical area or region of the city and do not like moving into the other parts. This situation can create a trouble for you just in case you plan to give details of your location on the last minute and also have a long way to cover through the vehicle. To keep at bay such troubles from occurring, always talk about your needs with the company so that they can tell you whether or not they are capable of fulfilling your requirements.

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You might be worried about your airport shuttle, after looking at the amount of luggage you are going to carry for the same. This, however, should never turn out to be a matter of trouble for you, because all your belongings will be transferred safely to the designated destination, if you choose the right vehicle for your commuting needs.

Limousine being one of the best providers of airport transfers, ensure that you will be given a smooth ride, where nothing will act as a barrier so that both you and your items can be transferred to the drop-off point in a perfect manner.

Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know how you can make the most of your limo service:

Book the right vehicle:

Booking the right vehicle is the most important step. If you know you have ample stuff to carry along, make sure you also book the right vehicle for it so that it can be accommodated well, no matter how far the distance is.

Mention your travel purpose clearly:

Just in case you forget to book the right ride, make sure you tell the service providers your purpose behind the booking. Since, they know airport shuttles are done with a lot of luggage, they themselves will enquire you about the same and send you a car accordingly.

Be particular about the time:

A limousine will never put you into trouble of delays because it understands the value of time very well. However, it is your duty to book it at the right time and a lot the correct pick up time so that no problems are created while you are on the go. Make sure you call it as early as possible so that you get enough to time work on the process that has to take place at the airport.

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Airport limo service is one of those transfers which cannot be resisted by anybody because the kind of facilities offered by this service is matchless and just another level. Since, an assortment of amenities is offered by a limo service you do not have to look for any other mode of transport, if your aim is to grab a vehicle which offers only plush and luxurious ride.

Below mentioned are some perks of airport limo service. Take a quick look to know what these are:

  • Your luggage will be taken care of, in the finest possible manner. Since, your bags worry you a lot during tours and trips, you should find a vehicle which is reliable enough to give you guarantee that your belongings will be kept safely, all through the ride.
  • You do not have to come out of the airport and wait for your vehicle. In fact, the vehicle will reach the airport, even before you come out. The nifty chauffeur will assist your luggage from the carousel. He will make sure that you reach the parking lot, in a smooth manner and that the journey you are going to experience after sitting in the vehicle is expedient enough to help you get rid of your jet lag.
  • Just in case your flight gets late, need not worry. There are people who start getting worried about the delays because they feel that their limo booking would get waste. Things, however aren’t like this. When you book an airport limo ride, the staff makes sure that they keep a track of your flight so that they can reach to pick you up at the right time.
  • Hailing a taxi can be a very tiresome job after getting off the flight because it is not only time consuming but also less safe. Since limousine offers ultimate safety and security to the passengers and their luggage, a person gets transferred to his drop off point, without any trouble and in complete safety.

Are you planning to book an airport limo service? Get in touch with us at King Limos to grab an opulent journey. We will make sure that the chauffeur reaches the airport before you come out so that he can assist you and your luggage smoothly from the baggage carousel. To know more about us, or to book a ride with us, call at 604-690-0929.

We all are well acquainted with the fact that limousine is one of the finest services one can ever come across whenever he/she has a major travel plan on cards. However, there are still a lot of cases in which people do not want to look forward to this mode of transport just because they think that renting a limousine will turn out to be only an additional expense. Below mentioned are some points which state the reasons why you shouldn’t elude this form of service:

  • Prompt pick ups and drop offs is the biggest advantage associated with a limo ride. Since, this form of service guarantees punctuality, any travel plan that is of major importance should be made only by booking this mode of transport.
  • Limo services act very attentively when you book them for your airport shuttles. The providers track each and every detail of your flight so that the entire plan can be re-arranged in case of any changes in the flight’s schedule. No matter how late you land, you will always find a chauffeur waiting for you at the carousel to assist you and your luggage will extreme determination, respect and care.
  • Luggage handling is a tough job in case you are moving around with overweight bags. Since, taxis and other modes of services aren’t capable of managing so much at the same time, limousine proves to be just ideal for this purpose. Limo being one of the most roomy and spacious vehicles, ensures that all your belongings will be kept safely no matter how heavy or overloaded they are. Not only this, but the chauffeurs who are given the duty to transfer you also make sure that your properties remain safe throughout the journey even if you step out of the car for a while.

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Limousine offers comfortable, luxurious, and reliable services. You might be unable to buy it due to its high cost. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its services. There are number of providers who provide limo vehicles on rental basis. You can rent it for any of your occasions and make it a memorable eve. If you are a frequent traveler, you can choose limo for airport transfer service. You can get the direct transportation facility to and from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) or the place where you are staying.

Why you would love chauffeured limo service?


Airport limo service is quite convenient in the sense that you don’t have to worry of driving issue including parking and traffic too. You will be picked up and dropped off to and from the airport in the easiest manner. The services come handy especially for those who landed the city for the first time. You need not to worry about the directions; you will be taken wherever you want to be.

Exceptional meet and greet service

Whenever you reach airport terminal, you will be received by well-dressed courteous chauffeur with a signboard of your name to recognize you. After proper recognition, he will haul your hefty luggage and take you till the vehicle in style.  Professional providers offer chauffeurs who have undergone proper training. You will be served with best amenities.

Time saving

Renting the one saves a great deal of your time especially for the corporate travelers for whom time is money. During rush hours, you will be taken from shortest route possible. While chauffeur maneuver the vehicle, you can utilize that time concentrating on important business deals.

A complete luxury

Limo services will provide you and your group, a complete luxury on the move. The sight of the sleek and elegant limo will evade half of your fatigue. Rest of the fatigue will vanish upon stepping inside the limo.  The warm and inviting ambience inside will give you a royal feel. You will feel on cloud nine how posh and comfortable car can make your experience nothing sort of pleasurable. You can enjoy chilled beverages and snacks while on the go.

For chauffeured limo rentals for your transfers to and from YVR, trust King Limos. While commuting with us, you will experience complete luxury travel. We offer you wide array of fleet stuffed with high tech amenities. Get in touch with us for your transportation needs. You can either call us or contact us online.

Vancouver has rightly earned reputation of being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Vancouver has been remarked as a paradise for leisure activities. It’s scenic beauty, attractions, extensive parks, snow covered mountains and relatively equable climate keeping temperatures mild throughout the year grabs the attention of many tourists. Visitors spend large sum of money and precious time to explore these spectacular views of Vancouver city. There is a huge rush in the festival and holiday season in Vancouver, people arrive from different countries to celebrate and spend the quality time with friends and family. The biggest problem that they face as they step out the Vancouver airport is the transportation facility. They are new to the city and are unaware of the locations. Some of them hire public transport and experience the unexpected rates and worst services.

Everybody wishes to have a comfortable and safe journey when getting off from the long hour flights. If you are the one traveling to Vancouver for a leisure trip with your friends and family then it is suggested to book an airport limousine. Airport limousines not only provide you comfortable transportation but it also delivers you luxurious facilities with safe drop off services. There are many limousine companies that provide airport transportation services. These companies take care of your transportation needs and let you travel in style. You must follow few tips when renting an airport limousine.

  • Research: Before you hire a limo for your airport transportation research about different providers who deliver limousine services in Vancouver. You can check this online and compare their fleets, amenities and rates. Take care of the number of passengers that you are going to carry along and then select the limo that is capable to accommodate that group size.
  • Services: Next step you need to check is what kind of services they are providing. Check the level of their professionalism and for how many years they are been in this business.
  • License and insurance: A limousine company must provide licensed transports. Chauffeurs should carry certificates that justify their driving skills and they should have valid permits to operate. Insurance coverage is the necessary need while traveling in a limo. You must ask the limo service providers whether they provider insurance coverage or not. However if in case of any damage or accidental case insurance protects you from the financial loses.
  • Trustworthy chauffeurs: Demand the valid credentials of drivers riding the limo. Make sure that they are not involved in the any criminal history. They must be well-trained, professional and cordial.
  • Check their rates: It is essential to ask the rates for the transport. Some companies include hidden costs that may give you surprising shocks. Ask them to create a complete layout of the bill and get in detail of each expense. Ask them for offers and discounted packages. Make sure you know your total expense prior you step into the limousine
  • Book early: It may create a hassle for you and your loved ones if you make late decision in renting a limousine. The arrival of the limousine should be on time to pick you from the airport so that you don’t have to wait in the crowded lobby of the airport after long hour travel. This is only possible if you make early bookings to avoid last minutes hassles.

If you are planning to explore Vancouver city this time, get in touch with King Limos. We are renowned airport limousine service providers in Vancouver. Our company has been successfully delivering high-end airport services to both corporate and leisure travelers. Call us today for your bookings and avail the exciting offers and discounted packages.

Air travels are quite tiring. They leave you jet lagged and exhausted enough to do nothing. You just want a ride that would unwind your tiredness. What’s better than a luxury airport limo? Nothing can match its relaxing and comfortable experience. So, if planning for a trip to Vancouver consider hiring limo rentals.

Below are some of the aspects that you need to take into account before renting the one.

Professionalism is something that should be given due importance. A professional limo provider will have upgraded and modern fleet of vehicles. Their highly trained chauffeurs will provide you ultimate services inclined towards customer service. Their expertise in handling driving and navigation issues, will assure on time reach to your destination. Experienced firms use high tech software to track the flight timings so that no delays can be caused.

After a tiring flight, one is always in search of a comforting ride to the destination. So, before booking the vehicle ensure that it is equipped with amenities required for your luxurious and comforting ride. The high tech features include-

• Plush leather seats
• Plasma TV screen, DVD player, music player
• Privacy partition
• Ice chests bars
• Tinted windows

This is one of the most important aspects that people pay heed to. Along with level of luxury, safety is equally important. While selecting a service provider, make sure that the vehicle is loaded with all the necessary safety features for your safe and secure ride. While looking for safety, you must check-

• Limo firm is licensed and insured
• Chauffeurs are certified and trained
• The vehicle is equipped with GPS technology to ensure easy navigation
• Policies and terms and conditions must be according to industry standards.
• The vehicles must be meticulously maintained

We, at King Limos have luxurious airport limousines for your comfortable transfers. We provide flexible limo packages and adjust our schedule as per your convenience and flight timings. Get in touch with us and avail our affordable packages. No matter you have visited Vancouver for leisure trip or for business tour; we are here to cater every type of your needs. Call us for your bookings.

If the travel to Vancouver is on the charts whether for personal or business needs, consider hiring airport limos for your safe transportation from airport to your destination. Airport chauffeured service is meant to save your time as well as energy.

Here are top reasons why airport limo is worth relying for your hassle-free tours.

Round the clock availability

Renting a car with a reliable limo provider assures you 24×7 availability. They keep themselves updated with the flight status so that they reach the airport 15 minutes prior to the arrival of flight. If the flight gets delayed due to some circumstances, the provider re-schedules their timings as per your convenience. It doesn’t matter whether your flight lands early morning or late night, you can be assured of your safe travel.

Immense comfort

Long hour flights leave you all tired. You are always in search of a transportation that would take you to your destination in a comfortable manner. Riding in limousine offers you immense comfort. You can lean back on the plush leather seat and relax with your mates. The onboard facilities let you have ultimate experience. It includes voluminous seating arrangement, spacious legroom, entertainment units, chilled ice bars, music system, and palatial food upon special request.


Limo ride assures your safe and secure ride. During peak hours, you don’t have to worry about getting late. All the limos are GPS enabled, which allows the chauffeurs ease in navigation through jam packed roads. With the state of art facility, the provider can constantly monitor the arrival and departure of the cars.

Hassle-free ride

With chauffeurs behind the wheels, you can run of risk of getting caught in traffic. Upon the arrival of the flight, the professionals will be standing in the baggage claim area to recognize you and escort you till vehicle in style. The driving, parking, and navigation all will be handled by them. Good limo providers pay special emphasis on the training of the chauffeurs so that they are trained efficiently in the art of customer satisfaction.

For airport chauffeured services in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. We offer affordable, reliable, and comfortable direct transportation facility to and from Vancouver International Airport. Get in touch with us for detailed information.

Transportation services create havoc sometimes. Late arrivals, smelly cars, untrained chauffeurs…… This is the reason now people like to travel in luxury transportation services. No matter how much it costs you. The changing liking and preferences of people have made Limo businesses popular.

You can fully trust chauffeured car services for all your events and occasions. The luxury cars have the world’s best luxury facilities to make sure your travel is worth the amount you paid. The designated chauffeurs are always on time. They reach the pickup spot exactly 15 minutes before keeping a buffer for traffic and other problems you might face on the way.

Limo providers offer Limos for Wedding, Business travel, Airport transfers, Prom night, Casino tour, Night outs, Birthday parties and Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.

For services like Airport transportation, Limo service providers offer flat rate Limos no matter whether it’s an early morning flight or a late night arrival. The luxury car will reach you within the given time. Their packages also include beverages and light snacks in order to make their client more comfortable.

Limo Service providers offer BMW’s, Mercedes, Stretch Limousine, SUV’s, Town Cars and Luxury Sedan for your traveling needs. The cars are well maintained and serviced regularly by the professionals ensuring your safety while on the go. You can choose when as per your occasion, number of passengers traveling with you and model of the car.

Their chauffeurs are trained professionals who know all do’s and don’t of the business. They will come to you uniformed. They are well versed with all the city routes so that you need to ask for directions on the way. Moreover, Limos are also equipped with a GPS system that makes finding directions easier.

On time pickups, door to door services, well maintained fleets, uniformed chauffeurs…… A Limo hire company offers you all these luxuries in their package.

Look for one on the internet. Make a list of the top five companies and inquire about their packages. Select the one that fits in your budget and other requirements. Also check all their credentials before hiring one.

Limo service Vancouver

King Limousine is a leading Vancouver Limo Hire company offering luxury transportation services to its clients for all special occasions. Their services are also available in Burnaby, YVR Airport, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows and all Vancouver cities.