If you are looking for luxurious and comfortable mode of transport, limousine ride tops the list. No matter, you are heading towards a ceremonial soiree or a corporate event; limo befits every type of occasions. This magnificent vehicle exudes an air of sophistication and elegance. Owing to its exorbitant price, buying the one may seems to be out of the reach for a common man. But, with the emergence of limo rental providers; even a common man can afford traveling in this posh ride. What makes limousine an ideal travel companion? Let’s have a look.

Make a grand entry

Arriving in this stylish mode of transport earns you respect and admiration. All the envious eyes of the appreciators will be glued to you. Your entry and exit will thus be a talk of the town.

Relish the ride with your entire group

What makes it the most prevalent choice of transportation is that your large group can travel in one vehicle. It offers you an added advantage to stick together without any worry of getting lost or splitting apart. The capacious interior with large luggage space can easily accommodate your baggage.

Punctual arrivals

Reputed companies always employ dexterous and trained staff of chauffeurs. These professionals handle the driving in an efficient manner thus allowing you to have a memorable time with your near and dear ones. While you are with chauffeur, you have atleast one thing less to worry about. Their punctual nature will never let you feel impudent of being late. Being well acquainted with all the city directions, he will steer the car through possible shortest alternate route.

Makes your special days a memorable affair

If you want to add uniqueness in your special day like wedding, birthday, or anniversary celebrations; limousine is a perfect vehicle for you. It comes beautifully adorned as per your occasion. With high end amenities decked inside, you can gear up your celebrations and have a joyous time with your group. Indulge in ultimate revelry as driving will be in the hands of experienced chauffeur.

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Limousine is associated with various benefits such as luxury, comfort and so much more. This is by far the best vehicle one can ever opt, if he/she is looking for a unique and memorable ride. The fun, however, does not come to an end just by availing this service. To double your extravagant experience and to add special moments to it, you must follow the below mentioned points so that you can make the most of your trip. Take a quick look:

Sipping on some drinks and munching will always be great:

Limousine has the vehicle to provide you a great experience, something that you will remember and cherish throughout your life. But the fun is not limited to what is offered to us by the limo service, it can be doubled if we put in some efforts. Including some fancy drinks and snacks will always add spark to this ride as this is the best way to sit and make the most of your time by enjoying.

Adding entertainment is a must:

Since a limousine service offers you the facility of CD/DVD/Player, you can make this extravagant journey, more lavish, fun-filled and entertaining by brining some music and playing it throughout the ride. This can be the best thingy you can opt for. Since music has a very important role to play when you commute in groups, adding it means sitting in unison, enjoying and making your big ride memorable.

Gaming session is a great idea:

We often get bored while commuting because we get tired of sitting and looking out of the windows. Though limousine service does not let you go into this monotonous mode, but to not let the excitement fade away, you yourself should add entertaining elements for both yourself and your co-passengers. There are a lot of games that you can play while sitting in the car, this will pass your time quickly and will add a lot of laughter, cheerfulness and positivity in the environment.

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A limousine service owns name and reputation for itself in the market place only when it sets certain priorities and principles that the entire team has to follow, no matter what. This the only way of earning customer’s trust and doing well in the industry that offers a very competitive platform. Below mentioned are some points which depict what are the facilities that a limo service provides in order to keep their clients happy and also to provide them the finest ride of their life. Take a quick look:

  • Obtaining sense of complete safety is very important. A client would never consider a transport service till the time it does not guarantee him/her strict security measures. This is the main reason why limousine service is known to be the best amongst other modes of transport.
  • Privacy is another major element of this ride. Since passengers need some time alone to discuss their confidential stuff, talk on phone or maybe just take a nap, limousine guarantees that they get this facility in the best possible manner. Since the vehicle is divided into two compartments one for the customers and another for the chauffeur, enough space is given to them for doing their confidential conversations and business work.
  • Best companies offer customers the chance to inspect the ride keenly before the journey begins. This is crucial so that the passengers get full satisfaction about their journey before they even start it. There are times when people add extra facilities to their ride for making it extra special so checking helps them in gaining happiness that whatever they had asked for is present in the vehicle.
  • The company should own wide range of vehicles so that the passengers get ample choices to choose from. A limo company which has a good variety of cars is known to be the best amongst all in the market place. Therefore, this is a priority of a limo company to have a good fleet so that the passengers are able to select one as per their choice and need.

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After a long and tiresome flight, everyone yearns of a comfortable ride to get to the destination. In such instances, limo rental services can be the most luxurious experience to indulge in. It aims at providing you relief from the exhaustive air journey. Owing to the multitude of benefits it offers, it is considered as the smartest option to commute to and from the airport. Let’s discuss why this mode of transport has an edge over grumpy and musty taxi services.

Perfect ostentation of luxury and extravagance

Limousine exudes oodles of luxury and extravagance. When you can’t settle for anything less in terms of transportation, limo rental service becomes the prime choice. Its pristine look and extraordinary ambience will make you feel as if you have entered in another world. Being amidst high end amenities will evade your entire jet lag.

Let transportation be handled by professional chauffeur

After landing at the airport, chauffeur would be waiting for you in the baggage carousel area to whisk you to your destination. Without worrying about any transportation hassles, you just have to settle back at sumptuous leather seats. You can rely on the driving professional as he has undergone rigorous background check and upholds customer satisfaction above all.

A plus point for business travelers

If you are heading towards your business tour, just imagine the impression you will be casting on your clients by arriving in such a posh ride. Your associates will perceive you financially sound and will be highly intrigued by your mode of transport. This will earn brownie points for your business and make you stand out from others.

Unsurpassable expediency

Nothing can surpass the expediency offered by airport limo rentals. No matter you have your flight scheduled early in the morning or in the wee hours of the night, the booked ride will arrive at your doorstep exactly on time and take your entire entourage to the airport in a safe manner. You can borne peace of mind that you will not confront any sort of delays.

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If you are burdened with a task of organizing a special occasion, you might have lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Organizing such events can be both exciting as well as formidable task. No matter whether it is a wedding eve, prom night, or night out with your friends; you have to take every pertinent detail into consideration. Amidst lot of tasks, don’t comprise with the safety. Enjoyment and safety must go hand in hand. This must be given due consideration especially while selecting a mode of transport. To cast an everlasting impression upon the onlookers and make your traveling an extra-ordinary experience, consider renting a limousine. It comes with multifarious benefits. Let’s have a look.

Renting makes a perfect sense

If you are a designated driver for the day, your mind would be filled with couple of tensions. Which car to take? Which directions to follow to reach in a prompt manner? How to avoid traffic and steer the car through labyrinths of roads? Relax your mind and put all these queries at rest by renting a chauffeur-driven limousine ride. The professional will take stress out of you and offer you a peaceful ride.

Safety- a plus

Anyone who has ever been to an unknown city can be an attest to the fact how much taxi or car provider charges you hefty amount. So, it is always advisable to pre-book a limousine ride to be assured of your safe transit while a new city. The professional remains at your disposal throughout the ride and take care all your needs are carefully met. He keeps a regular traffic update so that you don’t have to confront any sort of delays.

Aesthetic appeal

Apart from offering comfort and expediency, limousine extends an air of luxury. When you arrive at your event venue, all the eyes will be glued to you. Its elegant look will make your entry and exit the talk of the night.

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Renting a chauffeur-driven ride offers you a hassle-free way to make point to point transfers. No matter, which event you are heading towards, the services are available 24×7 to cater every type of your needs. It will allow you to add class, style, and elegance in your travels.

Punctual services

Punctuality is an important aspect that needs to be considered while selecting transportation. Hiring a limo with a reliable provider assures you of on time arrivals and departures. No matter its early morning or wee hours of the night, you will be taken in a safe manner. In case of jam packed roads, you will be taken from shortest possible routes.


The level of customer service offered is of paramount concern that should not be overlooked. The chauffeurs of a reputed company are trained in offering professional yet courteous treatment to their clients. They pamper you and offer the necessary warmth.

Blessing for corporate travelers

Hiring a chauffeur driven ride holds a great significance especially when you are on a corporate tour. What can be more impressionable than offering your associates a comfortable traveling experience? With no worries of driving and transportation, you can concentrate on business issues without any worry. You will surely make a stylish entry to your event venue.

Well-familiar with the city routes

A professional chauffeur comes well groomed and behaves in a well mannered way. He is thoroughly acquainted with the city routes and takes you to your place on time. When you are on a city tour, he serves as a perfect tour guide offering you suggestions and guidance at every step.

Luxurious interiors

A luxury chauffeur-driven car comes equipped with posh amenities like plush leather upholstery, entertainment units, quality safety features, navigation technology, ice chest bar, and a lot more.

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Traveling can be stressful especially when you are in an unknown city. It can pose more hassles if you have to manage driving all by yourself when on corporate tour.  Businessmen have tight schedules packed with meetings and luncheons. Driving on own can cause delays and lot of inconvenience. Why not rent a limousine and ensure quality transportation? Here are some of the perks offered by these rental services.

A style statement

Traveling in a limousine can give you a royal feel. When arriving in an event venue, everyone’s eyes would be glued in a curiosity just to see who will step out of the luxury ride. Your entry will surely attract the attention of the bystanders and all the envious eyes of the appreciators will be gazed at you. All this will make you feel out of this world.

Meeting on the go

Conducting a meeting while on the go doesn’t implicit carrying out meeting while you are on a jogging or running with your business partner. Rather, it means having it in the limo while on the way. This is possible because driving will be handled by chauffeurs. Meanwhile you can utilize the free time by discussing important matters with your clients while sitting back on plush leather seats. This can be carried out in complete privacy with ease.

Travel in a convenient manner

The capacious seating area allows you to travel together with your business associates without splitting them in different vehicles. Whether you are 2, 5, or more in number; you can choose the specific model accordingly. Each of them comes with a well-equipped interior stuffed with entertainment system, a good air conditioning system, ice chest bar, and surround sound system. No matter how long the traveling distance is, you can ride comfortably.  


Corporate events need aplomb to show that you value such occasions. For this reason, limo rental services make perfect sense. The professional chauffeur behind the wheels offers you timely pick up and drop off facilities. Since punctuality is the hallmark of such events, so he assures that no delays are caused on his part.

For the smooth conduct of business meetings while on the ride, get in touch with King Limos. Inclined towards customer service, we offer tailored limo rental packages to suit your requirements. Nothing can surpass our extravagance in terms of services as well as limo vehicles. For your bookings, just give us a call on 604-690-0929; else get in touch with us online by emailing us at kinglimo14@yahoo.ca . You can be assured of satisfactory experience.

In today’s era being ridden in luxury transportation has become a status symbol. Anything less than this is considered boring. However, not everyone can afford such posh vehicles. If you want to celebrate your upcoming occasion in an extra-ordinary manner and that too without burning a hole in your pocket, then rent limo services. It is a best way to turn your dream of extravagance into reality. Let’s have a look at some of its perks.  

Premium amenities

In such an affordable cost, you get plethora of amenities while renting a limousine. It comes equipped with standard features such as plush leather seats, ice chest bar, entertainment units, sound system, and a lot more. The mood lightning creates a warm and inviting ambience for your journey. You even get a chance to watch your favorite movie as you roll down the streets.

Professional assistance

You can even enjoy alcoholic beverages without worrying about driving. The professional chauffeur will handle the transportation issue letting you fully enjoy the ride. When you are not burdened with taking care of directions and routes, your journey becomes a hassle-free experience. The professionals being undergone with extensive training assures you smooth ride.

Diverse range

The best thing about limousine is that it comes in varied models. You can choose the required variant to suit your group size needs and budget. For smaller groups, sedans can be the best choice. For larger group travels, nothing can prove more comfortable and convenient than stretch limo rentals.  

Turn the heads away

The elegant and magnificent look of the vehicle make you hop inside it. Your attention gets riveted and you are curious to see who will get out from such a ravishing ride. You too can command such attention and turn the heads away of the onlookers by choosing to ride in posh limo vehicle.

For exclusive limo rental services in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. Our vehicles come with a dash of luxury, style, and comfort. We are committed to offer excellence to our clients. All our packages are tailored wisely keeping your needs in mind. For your bookings, call us at 604-690-0929. In case of any queries, email us at kinglimo14@yahoo.ca . We will serve you in the best possible manner.

Are you planning a splendid event that bespoke flawlessness? This is a time where opulence has become a necessity. So, everything you arrange must be able to grab everyone’s eyeballs. While arranging transportation for your travel needs never settle for anything less than you deserve. If you wish to be treated exclusively, consider hiring chauffeured limo services for extravagant traveling experience.

Why luxury limo services?

For special events and occasions, luxury transportation is a must. Nothing can stand in comparison to limo vehicles. It’s royal and elegant look will make your entry talk of the eve. You can enjoy being the cynosure of other’s eyes.

Professional assistance

When you have a professional behind the wheels, you can get rid of the distractions that you encounter on road such as speed limits, jam packed roads, and bumps. Let chauffeur handle all these issues, while you have to just sit back, relax, and enjoy with your group. You will be taken to your destination in a stylish manner.

Cherish the amenities inside

Riding in a limousine offers you one more advantage. You can get the experience of watching your favorite movie, listening to the tunes of music and drink while on the ride. The posh interior equipped with ultra modern amenities will give you a complete royal feel.

Caters to your varied occasions

Chauffeured limo services are available for your varied occasion. With the availability of different models, you can gather your any group size and travel together with ease. You can go on a night out, wedding, birthday celebration, or any other party occasion.

A necessity for corporate travels

Limo services are in high demand among big business tycoons. Traveling in a luxury limousine best depicts their style and stature. Nothing other than a limo works best in putting a long lasting impression upon business clients. The mode of transport you travel in says a lot about your financial soundness.

To avail chauffeured limo services in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. Our uniformed and courteous chauffeurs are inclined to meet every type of your requirement. Nothing can surpass our extravagant limo services. For affordable services for any of your occasion, give us a call on 604-690-0929. In case of any queries, you can email us at kinglimo14@yahoo.ca . We will serve you in every possible manner.

Vancouver is a coastal city on the south west corner of Canada. It is a modern, travel-friendly city with a unique mix of cultures. In addition, majestic mountains, sparkling oceans, rain forests, outstanding foliage throughout the four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It offers travelers both exceptional opportunities for outdoor adventure and sophisticated amenities of a world-class city. One of the most popular growing trends in Vancouver is limousine.

Whether it is a local resident of Vancouver or any outsider visitor, everyone has made limousine a first-choice when it comes to hire a private transport. If you want to discover the secrets behind Vancouver and take your itinerary to another level, just remember your tour and adventure to Vancouver would be incomplete with a ride in a limousine. Not only the features offered by limousines but also the services that comes along with them makes them a complete transport that caters every transportation need. Here are few listed benefits you can avail hiring a limousine for your Vancouver trip:

Get access to pre-scheduled tour packages:

One of the greatest advantages of renting a limousine from a professional limo company is you can have access to pre-planned Vancouver tour packages. Their package includes most popular and worth-seeing sites of the city and the entire tour is well-organized to make sure their clients enjoy every single minute of the trip.

Get local knowledge and support:

Riding along with professional limousine service providers you won’t have to worry about driving through the unknown streets of the new city. The expert chauffeurs are well-trained, possess ample knowledge of the geographical area and know very well how to make the quickest as well as most convenient way to get there.

Safe and timely services:

You can expect timely and reliable services from professional limo company. They employ chauffeurs having great driving skills and are trained to provide timely pickups and drop-offs. No matter how far your destination is, professional chauffeur will let you arrive back to your hotel safely and in the most comfortable manner.

Customizable packages:

Most of limo companies offer customizable package options to their clients. That means you can eliminate those unnecessary services from your package or can alter the package according to your own choice, needs and budget. This will help you prevent your pocket from fall against unnecessary costs on added amenities.

Make your trip to Vancouver stress-free and remarkable one renting iconic limousine from King Limousine. We are most renowned and trusted limo service providers in Vancouver specializing in providing first-class limo services at unbeatable rental rates to our clients. Our team of professionals works hard to provide out of the box travel experience offering a planned and well-organized trip from start to finish. For further information, call now at 604-690-0929 or drop us a mail at kinglimo14@yahoo.ca. We are always ready to serve our best..