Hired limos have become very popular means of travel because of the convenience they offer. A number of limo service providers that rent out limos to people for several occasions. The aim of these service providers is to make sure that their customers and clients can travel in style and comfort. The limo service providers offer limos for hire on an hourly basis and therefore limo rides turn out to be very affordable.

Limos are hired for a variety of occasions so that these can be made more special and memorable. People hire limos for occasions like anniversaries, weddings, night parties and birthdays. When celebrating a birthday in a hired limo, one can make the day even more enjoyable. To make a birthday special, it is not enough to go out with friends and eat out. Hired limos are in fact the perfect means of celebrating a birthday in style and make it memorable.

A birthday in a hired limo can turn out to be a very special day because of the following reasons:

  • Hired limos ensure safety of the passengers. Therefore, be it a birthday of a child or an elderly person, one can always be assured of safety. Limo service providers keep the safety of their passengers as their top priority and therefore make sure that the limos are driven by expert and trained chauffeurs who can take care of any problem that may arise during the ride.
  • With hired limos, one can arrange for several things within the limo to celebrate the birthday. The person hiring the limo for a birthday can request the limo service provider for extra amenities and facilities like food, drinks, music systems etc. to make the event even more special. This way the one celebrating a birthday and all the other guests can celebrate during the ride as well and the birthday becomes more exciting and memorable.
  • When one hires a limo for celebrating a birthday, one can be assured of prompt and reliable services. The limo service providers ensure that the passengers are picked and dropped in time. The passengers also do not have to face traffic woes and other disappointments during the travel in the hired limos. The limo service providers also make sure to customize the limo services as per the needs and demands of the passengers so that they can have a comfortable and relaxed ride.

Kings Limo is a leading limo service provider in Vancouver. We maintain a large fleet of limos to cater to the needs of all types of people and all types of occasions. Our chauffeurs are experienced and well-trained to ensure that the passengers can have a safe, comfortable and stylish ride with us.

Limousines are special vehicles when it comes to getting luxury and lavishness for your commuting needs. However, choosing it for big events will double the fun to a great extent if you take into account this chore through a wiser approach. As a passenger, you can seek infinite benefits via this mode of transportation. Below mentioned are certain points which will give you details on how this service can become beneficial for you:

  • The party begins on the wheels itself when you commute through this vehicle on your special day. It will inculcate in your body abundance of energy, zeal and excitement.
  • This is one of the most cost-effective ways of commuting in a luxurious vehicle. You could find a plethora of services offering you high end vehicles, but only limousines will make your journey worth the money you are investing in this chore.
  • You do not have to worry about safety too. Your party could be in the day time or at night. Nothing will act as a barrier or trouble when commuting through this top notch vehicle. Strict security measures are provided to the passengers, especially for elderly citizens and infants.
  • Promptness is ensured no matter how far off or nearby your venue is. Hence, you do not have to take too much stress regarding reaching the destination on time. All you have to do is enter the correct time while booking and get ready a little earlier than the time mentioned. You will be picked up in a very punctual manner and dropped off at your location efficiently without making any delays.
  • Chauffeurs are the best part of the journey. They will take care of you in a way nobody else can. Not only will they turn out to be protective for your belongings but also make sure that nothing that is a version of trouble comes across your way when commuting from one place to another.

Are you looking for a convenient limo service for your commuting needs? Get in touch us at King Limousine service to come across a great ride experience. For more details and further information about the same, give a call or drop a mail. We look forward to hear from you soon. You can always write to us in case of emergencies or quick queries and we promise that our expert team will revert back soon.

Vancouver is incredibly vibrant and beautiful city that offers wealth of wonderful experiences for visitors. It is known as the sound city and is full of suspense. The hip and happening nightspots and night clubs are the heart of this city. People who love to relax themselves with live music scenes, disco dance floors, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages visits iconic clubs. Here are few top rated night clubs of Vancouver where large number of people visits every year.

  • Celebrities Night club
  • Caprice Night Club
  • Fortune Sound
  • The Roxy
  • Venue Night Club

These clubs encircles not only Vancouverites’ sense of style and taste, but also serve as the bedrock of downtown’s allure. To make this event more exciting many people hire exotic limousines to travel all the way to night clubs. It is really essential to hire a hire a vehicle that is completely safe and reliable especially when you are riding at night. Limos here come to a lime light when we talk about safe transport. You can roam around the Vancouver city in a safe and reliable manner with limousines. No matter the night club you choose for your enjoyment is quite far from your place, limousine service providers always take care of your ride. There are several limousine providers in Vancouver those provide unique vehicles and services for night club transfers. The reasons why should rent a limo for your night clubs events are:

  • Attractive vehicles: The breath-taking look of these transports gives you an ambience of night club inside. You can have your own mini night club on the wheels.
  • Spectacular interior: Limousines are equipped with amazing features. When you step inside, you get a wow feel. Soft leather seats, disco and fiber optic neon lights, dance floor, rocking music, state of art audio and video systems uplifts your mood and creates magic environment.
  • Safe ride: Ride in a limousine is always the safest one. The service providers offer you the transport which is fully licensed and certified to operate. There is no need to worry about even if you get too late for your home. These companies provide a great security feature by using tracking system. Where and at what time you are riding, the professionals are always aware about your location.
  • Trustworthy chauffeurs: Drivers riding limousines are hired with proper background checks. They always carry their valid credentials to ensure they are genuine. They are cordial and possess excellent driving skills.
  • Get in style: The professional chauffeurs let you travel in style to your venue. When you arrive to your venue, they slide off the door gently giving treating you as a celebrity.

Contact King Limos if you are planning your Night Club event in Vancouver City. We offer best in class and style limos for night club transfers. Our nightclub limo packages are unbeatable. Sit back and relax, begin the party on the wheels and leave the stress of driving and parking to the professional chauffeurs at King Limos. Call us for bookings or email us in case of any queries.

Your princess is turning sixteen this year. She is taking her first step to a new phase of her life. Celebrate her sixteenth birthday lavishly so that its memories can stay with her for life. Hire a Vancouver Birthday Limousine. Young girls love the idea of traveling in a Limo.

Rent a luxurious Limo for her birthday. The car has a huge space and can accommodate around 20 people in it. Limos are also equipped with all latest gears and facilities which are a must for such occasions. The Limo providers also offer a lot of special services for birthday parties in their Limos.

The idea of celebrating her birthday in a Limo will add zeal to her day There are several ways you can make your day special. Few of the ideas are mentioned in the article.

Arrange a formal dinner
Arrange a formal dinner in a restaurant. Ask all your friends to meet you at a common place from where you can pick them up in a Limo. During the trip, you can party inside the Limo. Limos come equipped with hi-tech sound systems, and other entertainment units. So you can dance on the new chartbuster or watch a favorite movie of yours.

Pick up the theme for the day and get the Limo decorated on that. Cut the cake in the car. Click a lot of pictures with your friends. The Vancouver Limo will make your sixteenth birthday the most special one.

Get around the city
Vancouver is full of exciting places that can be best visited with your friends. Arrange for a city tour in a Limo. Prepare an itinerary. Plan everything beforehand. For this, you need to hire the car for the entire day.

Negotiate the prices with the Limo provider. While going on a city tour, make sure the Limos is stocked with enough food and drinks for the way.

If you want to spend your sixteenth birthday in a simple way, just pick up your few friends and go around the city. Visit your favorite places and enjoy a hearty meal in your favorite restaurant. The facilities in a Limo will make your day entertaining and fun filled.

All these things can make your birthday a great affair. Make your budget and make sure you spend wisely on all the services you hire. This way you will save a lot of money.

For renting Birthday Limos in Vancouver, contact us.

Get ready to embrace the year ahead by celebrating the New Year Eve in style. No matter how the last year went. Forget the woes of the last year and take along with you your achievements. Celebrate the New Year Eve with a bunch of your friends and hire a Limousine to welcome it. New Year Eve is a popular time for Limousine rental services in Vancouver. After a busy Christmas, people want to put a little extra effort to enjoy the last day of the year.

A Vancouver Limousine provides luxury and convenience. We know that, on the New Year, none of you want to be a designated chauffeur, neither you want to wait around for taxis that can take you to the destination. Limousine comes with chauffeurs. They drive you from destination to destination and wait for you until you are ready to leave. A personal chauffeur driven car not only adds to your convenience, but also is quite cost effective.

New Year in Vancouver is always welcomed with great zeal and enthusiasm. The popular parties hosted in the city are Hotel Vancouver 2014, The Shangri-La NYE Gala 2014, Jewel Ballroom Grand Gala 2014, Marriott New Year’s Ball 2014, NYE 2014 Waterfront Gala Ball, Solid NYE 2014, Venue NYE 2014, New Year’s Eve-Fire & Ice, Big Drop NYE 2014, Bombay Bliss NYE 2014, and Ceili’s NYE 2014 House Party among others.

Let the New Year Limousine drop you to any of these venues. Limo hire adds an extra sense of style to your celebration. Vancouver New Year Limo comes all decorated with party decorations like balloons, masks, hats, and poppers. These are also equipped with all latest entertainment features like DVD/LCD players, Surround sound systems, AM/FM stereos, Plasma screens, Dance floors and smoke machines among others. These amenities ensure you enjoy the night throughout the way.

New Year Limos can be used both for transportation and for partying. In between venues, you can enjoy your favorite drink and dance on the latest beats. For the New Year, you can find many affordable Limo rental deals. You can even get a customized package tailored as per your needs and budget. Always book in advance for the New Year so that you get the Limo you want. Check the Limo beforehand to make sure it is the same one you want. Make sure the Limo provider is licensed and reputable. Take quotes from three to four providers and then decide on one.

The new year’s eve is just few days away, so what are you waiting for, dial us and get a Limo booked.