Only a few people have the luxury to own a limo, but any one can afford to rent it for any special occasion whenever they want. There are many ways to hire the luxury vehicle and enjoy its unexcelled services. To book the ride, you need to take care of certain considerations before making any kind of decision. Just pick the best and leave the rest. Here are some of the tips to ensure best selection.

Choose the best service provider

There are numerous service providers available in the market. The price list varies from one service provider to another such as from basic taxi fare to premium amount. Big organizations use this service quite often just to impress their clients and to give them an overview of what they are really aiming for. Choosing the best one will ensure you reliability.

Book in advance

There are few tips to make the bookings easier. One of them is to book the limo service as soon as you save a date. It gives you an edge to save some money and to get a good deal. The facility to hire limo cars is more affordable nowadays. Some limo car agencies also provide special packages to their clients just to build a longer relationship.

Have a look at fleet of cars

After narrowing down your options a bit, visit the rest and observe their cars. Observe the cars carefully. What you should look is the condition of the cars. If you see that its seats are stained and worn out, its carpet is unclean, or the interiors have a distasteful odor, it proves that this company doesn’t give importance to the maintenance and cleanliness. Book the one that arrives spotless both outside and inside.

Check the contract

Once you make your mind, then you need to focus on the contract part. You need to know what does all is included in the contract. Moreover, chauffeur also has to play a key role as he is the one who is going to be around for any kind of assistance, if needed. Chauffeured limo service always provides an edge of extra security. They are highly trained individuals who have been given extensive training and asked to maintain a level of privacy.

We, at King Limousine provide you with the best class services, luxury and style. We are committed to offer excellence to our clients in the areas like Burnaby, YVR Airport, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows and in other Vancouver cities. All our packages are tailored wisely keeping your budget and requirements in view. We provide luxury vehicles for every occasion. For any queries, you can contact us at 604-690-0929.

If you are planning a trip out of the town, there are many factors you have to consider. Will you be able to drive yourself to the airport in such a hurry? Will you be able to deal with jam packed roads and luggage? Handling this all alone may seem to add to your anxiety and cause more complications.  To ease your transportation, you should consider renting limo services. It will offer you great comfort and convenience.

Ease in transportation

No matter, what city you are in, battling through traffic is always a stressful task. In a hurry, to reach the airport you are already anxious. Responsibility of traveling issues will add to your woes. With a town car rental you don’t have to brave traffic. The professional provider will save you from driving and huge parking fees. You don’t even have to worry about navigating through unfamiliar areas. If your flight is late, provider will get to know prior through flight tracking software so that the chauffeur can reschedule the car timings.

A perfect fusion of luxury and comfort

Town Car is a full size luxury sedan with a spacious seating arrangement for 5-8 people. It is a custom built vehicle designed for passenger’s comfort. Its exterior is quit appealing to attract the onlookers. The interior comes equipped with high tech amenities. Let’s have a look at some of these-

  • Plush leather upholstery for immense comfort
  • Oversized doors for easy entry
  • Rear control panel to adjust temperature
  • Lot of legroom and headroom
  • Privacy partition for passenger’s privacy
  •  Surround sound system
  • Audio and visual modes of entertainment
  • Ice chests bar

A perfect ride for corporate travels

Town car is said to be a luxury boardroom on wheels. Since there is a professional chauffeur to handle driving, you can concentrate on your business related chores like reviewing the notes, rehearsing your presentation, checking your e-mails, or discuss confidential matters with your business clients. It is great idea if your business tour is on the cards or your executive partner is visiting the town. You will be offered safe pick ups and drop off service.

Whether you are going on a business tour or heading towards a leisure trip, town car is a great way to make point to point transfer. It will offer you much convenience and comfort.

For town car rentals in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. We promise to deliver you an exceptional customer service experience that will make your day truly special. Contact us for your bookings. We assure you exceptional customer-oriented services.

Corporate world is all about making right impression among the business clients. You have to devise some great ideas to keep them happy and satisfied. Time to time corporate events should be organized so as to keep the business intact. Also, you need to treat your clients in a luxurious manner by hiring a posh limo ride for them. It will not only impress them but also earn good points for your business.

Renting a reliable Vancouver limousine will offer numerous advantages for your corporate events. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Special emphasis on the transportation needs

If you are planning to visit Vancouver for your upcoming corporate event, renting the limo will make a perfect sense. It will handle all your transportation issues very meticulously so that you can concentrate on your business deals. It also offers pick and drop services for your clients visiting the city for the event. Great hospitality and exceptional limo services will help you earn respect of your guest. Making a good impression at the right time is the need of the hour.

On time pick ups and drop offs

Corporate people are time bound. Punctuality is the essence for the success of the business. You will be picked from the airport as soon as your flight arrives. The chauffeurs will be waiting for you in the baggage carousel area with a placard of your name. Upon recognition, you will be taken to the vehicle in style. Also, the professional limo companies keep a constant check on your flight timings so that they can schedule their timings accordingly.

No matter how much the roads are jam packed; the chauffeur will take the shortest alternative route so as to ensure you’re safe and on time reach to your event venue.

High end amenities

Executive limos come stocked with amenities for your comfortable journey. They come stocked with plush leather seating, plasma TV screen so that you can project your presentation, DVD player, music player, and a lot more. You can even remain in constant touch with your staff with the availability of free Wi-Fi facility. Light refreshments and chilled beverages will also be served on the way.

To make your corporate event a great success, start searching for a reliable limo provider. Compare their prices and limo rental packages. Select the one that fits the best in your budget and fulfills all your requirements.

For Corporate Limousine in Vancouver, trust King Limos. We have neat and clean fleet of vehicles that comes equipped with all the required features. You can call us to book your desired ride. We are available round the clock to assist you in any manner.

Limos have become an obvious choice for a comfortable and luxurious ride. If any occasion is on the charts, consider renting Vancouver limousine. It is a perfect fir for every type of your occasion. Earlier it could be afforded only by rich and elite. But now with the mushroom growth of the providers, the services have become quite pocket friendly.

Leisure events

Riding in a limousine is not confined to any age group. If you are planning a vacation to Vancouver, the idea of limousine would prove as an icing on the cake. You can move around the city in a luxurious manner partying hard with your friends. This ride also makes a perfect sense if you want to impress your loved ones on their special occasion.

A touch of professionalism

Big business tycoons have a reputation to maintain. Traveling in a limousine depicts their class and stature. It offers them style and sophistication. The designated chauffeur handles all the driving and navigation issue, so that they can concentrate on their corporate deals. If planning to visit Vancouver for a corporate tour, consider riding in luxury vehicles. It will create a good impression among your peers.

Large seating capacity

Limo rental is a perfect party club on wheels. The limo fleet comes in varied sizes for your different group sizes. The spacious and comfy seating arrangement allows your whole party group to travel in one vehicle. The adequate legroom and headroom makes it the most the comfortable fit.

Posh Ride

The superbly designed limo vehicles come meticulously maintained. They are equipped with high end modern amenities for your perfect celebration. Nothing can surpass their modernity and sophistication. Its comprehensive range of features include-

  • Plush leather upholstery
  • Fiber optic lighting
  • Plasma TV screen, DVD player, AM/FM set up
  • Surround music system
  • Intercom facility
  • Free Wi-Fi facility
  • Privacy partition
  • State of art system
  • Glass flooring
  • Mini Bars

Get in touch with King Limos and add a touch of comfort and luxury to your travel. We believe in offering exceptional services for your perfect travel. You can even rent our customized rental packages. Contact us for your bookings. We will surely make your tour to Vancouver a worth remembering experience.

Vancouver has a lot to offer its visitors. Whether you are a locale, or visiting the city for any of the purpose, luxury transportation becomes the need of the hour. Limo is perceived as an epitome of style, luxury, and royalty. However, the services are provided by a various providers. But, analyze each one of them carefully and hire the services of the most reliable one.

They are available to cater your sundry needs.

 Let’s have a look at some of them.

Most effective and efficient option for airport transfers

Hiring the one for your travel to and from the airport makes a perfect sense. With limo rentals, you can get rid of hassle of standing in long queues and waiting for the taxi to come. You will see chauffeurs waiting in the baggage carousel with a signboard of your name. After recognition, they will help you with your luggage and transport you to your destination without any hassle so that you can concentrate on your other chores.

Have a memorable night out in the town

You can pay a local visit to some of the famous spots of the Vancouver. Gather all your friends in a limo and have a wonderful time partying with them. Some of the providers also provide chilled beverages that you can sip while watching your favorite movie. The luxurious ride will offer you immense pleasure and entertainment.

Add a touch of grace and elegance in you wedding

With a limo ride, make your wedding a forever moment to be cherished in the later years of your life. Search for the best company that would take you to your destination in the most comfortable and relaxing manner. The chauffeurs take special care of the wedding couple ensuring all of their needs are meant meticulously.

Wow your business executives

Corporate world is about forming a good impression upon your clients. Hiring a limo ride will ensure your punctuality and professionalism. You will be picked from your designated places and dropped at your event venue in a timely and safe manner. The amenities inside will facilitate your business in a smooth and swift manner.

For luxury transportation in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. We are one of the leading providers of Limo Company in the city. We believe in surpassing our client’s expectation and providing them the best. No matter you are visiting the city for leisure needs or for business tours; we are here to serve you in every possible manner. Call us to book your ride with us. We are available round the clock for your assistance.

If the travel to Vancouver is on the charts whether for personal or business needs, consider hiring airport limos for your safe transportation from airport to your destination. Airport chauffeured service is meant to save your time as well as energy.

Here are top reasons why airport limo is worth relying for your hassle-free tours.

Round the clock availability

Renting a car with a reliable limo provider assures you 24×7 availability. They keep themselves updated with the flight status so that they reach the airport 15 minutes prior to the arrival of flight. If the flight gets delayed due to some circumstances, the provider re-schedules their timings as per your convenience. It doesn’t matter whether your flight lands early morning or late night, you can be assured of your safe travel.

Immense comfort

Long hour flights leave you all tired. You are always in search of a transportation that would take you to your destination in a comfortable manner. Riding in limousine offers you immense comfort. You can lean back on the plush leather seat and relax with your mates. The onboard facilities let you have ultimate experience. It includes voluminous seating arrangement, spacious legroom, entertainment units, chilled ice bars, music system, and palatial food upon special request.


Limo ride assures your safe and secure ride. During peak hours, you don’t have to worry about getting late. All the limos are GPS enabled, which allows the chauffeurs ease in navigation through jam packed roads. With the state of art facility, the provider can constantly monitor the arrival and departure of the cars.

Hassle-free ride

With chauffeurs behind the wheels, you can run of risk of getting caught in traffic. Upon the arrival of the flight, the professionals will be standing in the baggage claim area to recognize you and escort you till vehicle in style. The driving, parking, and navigation all will be handled by them. Good limo providers pay special emphasis on the training of the chauffeurs so that they are trained efficiently in the art of customer satisfaction.

For airport chauffeured services in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. We offer affordable, reliable, and comfortable direct transportation facility to and from Vancouver International Airport. Get in touch with us for detailed information.

Do you not wish to commemorate a wedding ceremony, prom night, graduation and other events in elegance and style? For many of us, hiring a Limousine for such occasion is a farfetched idea. Most of us think it to be an expensive proposition, but in reality it is not.

With the growing popularity of the services, Limo hire have become quite affordable. However, before hiring one, you have to understand the factors that affect Limo rental price.

The factors are:

Vehicle Brands

High-end vehicles come with a big price tag. If you are looking to rent a fancy car like Chrysler, get ready to pay hefty rental charges. Such models bespoke of sophistication and class. The cars come with latest amenities like LCD screens, DVD players, surround sound systems and AM/FM stereos to enliven you and your guests. An entry in this luxurious vehicle will make you the center of attraction.

Number of hours you hire a Limousine for

Limousines are usually hired by the hour. Plan well your party. Estimate the number of hours you want the car for. Book it only for the time you want it. You can minimize the time by picking your entire group from a single pickup point.  It will save your time.


The add-ons usually depend on the occasion. Some providers offer cost-free add-ons while others do not. Some packages include beverages and drinking water, and others do not.

A few important check points

  • Custom-made a package as per your preferences and budget. Packages offer a flat rate fee with ample of inclusions that independently can be too pricey.
  • Choose a car as per the number of people traveling with you.
  • When you contact the service provider, let them know your requirements.  It will help them personalize a rental package for you.
  • See the vehicle firsthand and then take your decision. Ensure it has all the amenities you are looking for.  The car must be in immaculate condition.
  • Read the rental contract carefully before you sign it. Make sure the contract has everything you discussed for.  So read it thoroughly. If you have any confusion, call the provider.

For affordable Limousines in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. We are a reliable car rental provider in the region specializing in offering Limos for personal events and corporate travel needs. Fill the online form for booking one with us.

Our daily schedules are so packed that we look for leisure time to de-stress ourselves. Hiring Limousines is the best pick when you seek such opportunities. There are many Limo companies in Vancouver that offer luxury vehicles for hire. You get cars at very competitive rates.

Riding in a plush car to your destination be it for a night out, or a dinner date or any other special event or occasion, makes you feel at cloud nine. All the stress and negativities in your mind vanishes like snap of fingers. Your outing becomes a memorable event of your life.

Limo companies in Vancouver are your trusted transportation partners. The vehicles are well maintained and clean. They offer seamless travel through the traffic. There is no need to worry about gas, parking hassles and security issues. It is the safest way to travel within the region.

The chauffeurs are well acquainted with the geographic area and can take you to your desired stoppage within time. They are knowledgeable and well trained. Limousine providers in the region also have licenses to operate. They have updated insurances and also registered as per the norms of the city. They have all commercial permits. So you are safe by all means.

You can travel to and from any part of the city with them.  Some providers also offer ride to nearby destination out of the town. The services also make the perfect fit for corporate transportation. Executives traveling to the region opt for car hire for stress-free drive to the destination.

They are also a popular choice for airport transfers.  The cars are available to and from Vancouver International Airport and Abbotsford International Airport.  It is also being favoured for sightseeing tours around the city.

Limo firms of the region also specialise in wedding transportation. These come equipped with all latest amenities to make your big day a grand event. From vintage models to exotic cars, you can choose to ride in any vehicle depending on your budget and other requirements.

The firms pay particular heed to your needs to make sure everything goes as per the plan. The companies offer you the option to personalize the rental packages, to make your travel even more comfortable.

Kings Limo is a premier Limo company in Vancouver offering Limousine service to its clients in the region for all special events and occasions. We offer you the best rental packages that suit your needs. All our packages are tailored wisely keeping in mind your budget and other requirements.

Graduation is a magical experience. No matter you are graduating from high school or university, getting graduate takes you to another step forward in your life. This is the reason the day is celebrated with such a pomp and show. It signifies your achievements.  To celebrate the moment you should hire a Vancouver Graduation Limousine service for your special occasion.

Transportation is most essential for Graduation parties. You should plan well in advance that how you all are going to transport from your home to the venue and vice versa.  Don’t get into the hassle of booking cabs and carpooling. Rent Graduation Limousines for your transportation needs.

Limo providers offer ample of fleet of vehicles to choose from. The kind of Limousine you rent depends largely on the number of people that will travel with you. If you are with a small group, then you should consider hiring a Stretch Limousine. These can accommodate up to 12 people in them.

For large groups, you can choose to rent Party Limos or Party buses.  You can also select a SUV limo that has a capacity to fit 15 to 18 passengers in it. These Limos are spacious and equipped with all latest entertainment features including DVD/LCD players, AM/FM stereos and surround sound systems.  This makes your journey to the venue fun filled and memorable.

Graduation is one of the most anticipated day of your life so make sure you find a Limo provider that offer customized services. Finding the right Limousine provider ensures that you will have an enjoyable time.

If you are interested in finding Graduation Limos in Vancouver, you need to make a comprehensive search on the web. You can use directories for finding companies serving your area.  You will find certain companies that offer services at low rates, beware of such providers. Make sure you select a licensed and registered company.

A reputed Limo firm employs professional chauffeurs and also have well maintained fleet. This assures your safety. Don’t forget to check the company’s important credentials. If a company refrains from showing their documents, switch to another company.

Make sure you research well before selecting a company. Read their reviews online on the third party website. You can ask for references from the providers also. Call their previous customers to know more about the company.

For renting Graduation Limo in Vancouver, contact us. We offer customized packages for Graduations at reasonable rates.

Wedding is the most anticipated moment in one’s life. A bride and groom prefer renting Vancouver Wedding Limos, to make this day special. These vehicles are an epitome of luxury and elegance. For the occasion, many different kinds of Limos are available. However, apart from make and model of the Limo you choose, you must also research about the company, to ensure you face no disappointment on your big day.

Here are the few things you should keep in mind before renting a Wedding Limousine.

Start planning, six months prior to your wedding day.

You should begin the planning to rent a Limo well in advance, at least six months before the wedding day. If you do not plan in advance, you might not get the vehicle you want. You must also have to rent a Limo from a less reputable firm.

Determine the budget

The next important thing is to determine your budget. Wedding Limo in Vancouver can be rented between $200 to $400 for about three hours. The price of the Limo rental package is also affected on the kind of Limousine you pick. For example, renting a Hummer Limousine is most expensive. In addition to this, you should also be prepared to tip the driver 20 percent of the base price of the services.

Size of the Limo

This is based on the number of people in your party and your budget. Limo providers offer a variety of Limo models to choose from. If you cannot afford to rent a big limousine, you can rent a smaller one. For this, you have to cut short list of people that were going to be with you in the vehicle.

For moderate budgets, you can opt to hire Vancouver Wedding Limo for you and your bride. The rest of the guests can reach the venue on their own. If a provider claims that their vehicle can accommodate 10 people in them, take only 8 people with you. This is because the bride will need an extra space owing to her dress. Moreover, all the guest will be decked up for the event, so nobody wants to spoil their outfits.

Search online for a reputed and licensed Limo provider in Vancouver. Consider the top five providers and have a look at the services they offer. Choose a company providing you the best deal. Make sure the provider you select has well maintained fleet of vehicles and licensed chauffeur.

For Wedding Limos, contact us.