The popularity of limo services is ever increasing as is the number of limo service providers. A lot of people travel as per their needs and requirements and therefore find hired limos as the best traveling option. Now-a-days, most people prefer to hire limos over public means of transport even for routine travel purposes. This is because hired limos offer a lot of ease and convenience and also timely and reliable traveling services.

Limos are hired for special occasions as well. There are many people who celebrate their important and memorable days by hiring limos and celebrating in them. The limo service providers also offer their limos on a rental basis for several different occasions and events. The service providers also make sure that they know the purpose for which limos are being hired as this makes it easy for the service providers to customize the limo rides as per the needs of the travelers.

There are many special occasions for which limos are hired and the most popular are:

  • Weddings are an occasion for which hiring limos has become very popular. For weddings, the limos can be hired from limo service providers for the bride and the groom so that they can travel in utmost comfort. Limos are also hired for the wedding guests who need to travel to the wedding venue. The limos make traveling very easy and comfortable for the wedding guests as they simply have to sit and ride without having to go through the hassle of arranging transportation.
  • Anniversaries are also special days wherein people hire limos to celebrate. Most people hire limos for their first, tenth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth anniversaries to celebrate their special day. When throwing parties for anniversaries, limos are also hired for the guests so that even they can enjoy their travel and the party. The limo service providers also make special arrangements for refreshments and other amenities that are required for celebrating the anniversaries.
  • Hiring limos for birthdays is also becoming popular. Youngsters who want to celebrate their birthdays with friends in style and luxury opt for hiring limos. The limo services are hired for taking the youngsters to the venue where the birthday is being celebrated and also drop them back home safely. The limo service providers make sure that the chauffeurs of the limos are responsible enough to handle the limos in a safe and secure manner.

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Limo rental is all about luxury and lavishness, and this is something that we all know. But what happens beyond it is something that only a few of us have observed. Limousine provides one such journey which demands activeness from all our sensory organs in order to be able to enjoy it to the maximum possible limit. The sight that it proffers our eyes is something way more than extraordinary and the ambiance we get to come across while sitting into it is completely unmatched.

Below mentioned are some points that you need to come across to understand what actually limo offers in its ride package apart from the luxurious features and amenities. Take a quick look at the undermentioned points to know:

  • This vehicle is not only enticing from the exterior, but also equally good from the interior. This means that the one who gets to travel through this car is able to come across a sight that he/she will never be able to forget throughout the lifetime. It is mesmerising, unique and such that is hard to leave.
  • The seating arrangement that is proffered is extremely soft and cosy. This means that the couch one gets for sitting is so seamless and smooth that it gives you the best kind of moment of relaxation once you get settled. Just in case you are tired after a hectic event then this vehicle will prove to be the most ideal one for providing you a place where you can stretch out, sit back or may also take a nap if required.
  • Extreme convenience is provided. This means that you will be given a great deal of amenities throughout the ride so that you are put at complete ease and comfort. The chauffeur will drive your vehicle so seamlessly that no noise from the external surroundings will be able to disturb you. The best part is that you will not even come to know that the car has passed a speed breaker. The driver will also open and close the door for you at every exit and arrival.
  • The car offers a fresh environment. Positivity and energetic vibe stay in this car. Hence, even if you are upset due to your personal issues, the kind of ambiance it provides helps in gaining peace and tranquillity along with silence.

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While renting a limo service is one such chore which can bring a great deal of happiness and excitement across the masses, there are certain things amidst all this that requires passenger attention and alertness.
Since, a lot of companies have opened up in this field, you have to be active while booking your car so that you can keep at bay all sorts of fraudulent activities from occurring.

Below mentioned are points which consists of answers to some most frequently asked yet highly crucial questions. Take a quick look at them to know what these are and how can they benefit you to a great extent:

  • A lot of you keep thinking, even in this era, that limo service can be booked by only those people who have a lot of money in their pockets. Since for a plethora of people this is merely an unnecessary expense, they try to avoid it as much as possible. However, things have drastically changed with passage of time. Not only is it pretty easier to book this service for your routine commuting needs, but the price structure at which these rides are available are also very affordable in nature.
  • You cannot drive your limousine. This option is available with a very few companies. So, for all those people who keep asking whether you can get this opportunity, you need to know that a chauffeur is always provided to your for driving so that you can joyously enjoy your ride by sitting in the passenger compartment and viewing what can be seen through your window.
  • Limousine can be used for a wide range of purpose. From booking it for airport shuttles or big executive tours, this service is capable of providing you a lush ride by all means. No matter how long or short your journey will, the service providers ensures that you will be provided with a thrilling combination of comfort, convenience and lavishness.

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A large number of limo service providers have started offering their services to people who wish to travel in limos. These limo service providers make sure that they offer limos as per the needs and requirements of the clients. Limo service providers generally maintain a large fleet of vehicles so that the traveling needs of all types of passengers can be met. Limo service providers have made it possible for people from all walks of life to travel in luxury limos in comfort and style.

When hiring limos from limo service providers, one needs to be assured of the fact that the best limo services are chosen. For this, there are several factors on the basis of which limo services must be evaluated before these are hired. These factors include:

  • Services offered: Limo service providers must be evaluated on the basis of the services offered to the clients. Limo service providers must offer their limos on rent for different occasions and events so that these can be made more memorable. It is always better to ask the limo service providers about the packages and services they offer for different occasions so that one is aware of what can be expected at the time of travel.
  • Fleet maintained: Limo services providers must be considered only after looking at their fleet of vehicles that they maintain. It is essential that limo service providers maintain a large fleet of vehicles with different types of limousines so that the traveling needs of individuals as well as groups are met. Also, one needs to ask the limo service providers as to how the vehicles are maintained and how often these are serviced. It is essential to choose limo service providers that maintain their vehicles in good condition so that no problems occur at the time of travel.
  • Safety standards: It is essential to know of the safety norms followed by the limo service providers before choosing them. When hiring limos, one must ensure that the limos are driven by experienced and trained chauffeurs so that one does not encounter problems during the ride. It is also necessary to know whether or not the limo service provider and the chauffeurs hold valid licenses and permits to offer their services or not. This is essential for the safety of the passengers. Also the insurance policy of the limo service provider must be checked before limo services can be hired.

King Limo is a well-known limo service provider in Canada. We maintain a large fleet of vehicles that are driven by our best chauffeurs so that the safety of our passengers is assured. We also cater to the travel needs for different occasions and events by offering reliable and good quality limo services.

Commuting in a limousine means coming across sheer luxury. Since, this top notch vehicle is decked up with all kinds of modern bells and whistles, moving around in it will give you an unforgettable experience. Since, buying this vehicle is beyond one’s budget in most cases, they can always use the rental services for encountering the pleasure this high-end vehicle offers.

No matter which car you choose, SUV, Sedan or any other limo, you will always be provided with an avalanche of stellar facilities. Take a look at the undermentioned points to know what these benefits of choosing a limo service are and how can you reap them along with your family or friends:

  • Limousine service promises to transfer you to your location on time. The best thing is that you will reach your destination promptly even if the traffic tends to be standstill. Your chauffeur will always check the traffic reports before heading you to your venue so that the jammed areas can be circumvented and you can be taken through less trodden and least crowded routes.
  • You will be given ample space during your travel. Since the vehicle is divided into two compartments, a privacy glass is placed in the middle of the two departments so that the chauffeur is not able to hear the conversation taking place in the other area where passengers sit.
  • The chauffeurs that are hired by the limo companies have extensive knowledge and experience. They are not only great at driving but also are well versed with all the routes of the region. This creates an advantage for the clients because this is how they are never put to any sort of a work such as navigating or searching routes etc.
  • Complete peace of mind is provided to the passengers throughout the ride. Since, the vehicle offers a very opulent ambiance, you can sit back in your comfort zone and live the moment the way you want without coming across any hassle.

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Finding a reliable limo service is a challenging job because there are a lot of points that you need to keep in mind when you begin with the selection process. With so many companies offering identical facilities, it is hard to find the one which will walk an extra mile to provide you an enhanced experience. Almost all companies look similar on the surface, what differentiates them is their pattern of operating. While limo companies are too many in number, there are certain tips that you have to follow in order to find the right service. Below mentioned are some points which will help you in inspecting a limo rental before you begin to travel. Take a look:

Condition of the vehicle matters a lot:

Since limousine is one of the most expensive vehicles across the world, commuting in it is a dream-come true for many. This is one of the main reasons why one would prefer only a clean and well kept vehicle for their lush travel experience. Thus, before you plan to ride in a limo, make sure that its condition is immaculate and lustrous, both in and out. This means that the interior of the car should be spotless and tidy. No mess or dirt should be found once you enter; in fact the environment should be positive, vibrant and aromatic.

Should have license and all the other necessary permissions:

Do not travel with a limo service that does not have a license because this can put you in major trouble once you begin to travel. A reliable and professional company will always offer their documents for you to check and verify. In case they do not offer on their own, it is your duty to ask them about the same.

Check reviews of past customers:

We live in a time where every company that has a physical existence has a virtual establishment, too. This makes things uncomplicated and trouble-free at your end. Since websites and social media apps always give you the chance of reading comments and reviews of past customers, you are able to check whether or not the company you are trying to hook up with is right for you.

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Celebrate your birthday in complete style and elegance by taking into consideration a limo rental service, this year. Since it offers multitude of lavish facilities in a single ride, renting it for your big day will turn out to be extremely effectual. Below mentioned are some benefits which you can reap by taking into account this mode of transport. Take a quick look:

  • For a special day like that of a birthday, we wish to gather all our friends so that the celebration can be carried in the best possible manner. Since limousine offers the best way of commuting in groups, considering this vehicle for this journey will help you create infinite memories.
  • We all well understand the fact that limousine is a style icon. Taking into account this vehicle means putting a great impression on your guests. The first sight of limo is capable enough to leave bystanders astonished. Thus, if your aim is to throw a happening party for your friends and plan to reach the venue together in the most lavish way then limousine is what you should consider.
  • Another major advantage associated with this car is of ultimate safety. If you wish to rent this vehicle for your child and his/her friends then do not worry about the security issues. Since the chauffeurs undergo special training sessions, they know how to perform their jobs in the finest way. For children, limo services offer strict safety measures so that they can experience a comfortable ride without encountering any sort of problems or troubles on the way.

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Traveling can be stressful especially when you are in an unknown city. It can pose more hassles if you have to manage driving all by yourself when on corporate tour.  Businessmen have tight schedules packed with meetings and luncheons. Driving on own can cause delays and lot of inconvenience. Why not rent a limousine and ensure quality transportation? Here are some of the perks offered by these rental services.

A style statement

Traveling in a limousine can give you a royal feel. When arriving in an event venue, everyone’s eyes would be glued in a curiosity just to see who will step out of the luxury ride. Your entry will surely attract the attention of the bystanders and all the envious eyes of the appreciators will be gazed at you. All this will make you feel out of this world.

Meeting on the go

Conducting a meeting while on the go doesn’t implicit carrying out meeting while you are on a jogging or running with your business partner. Rather, it means having it in the limo while on the way. This is possible because driving will be handled by chauffeurs. Meanwhile you can utilize the free time by discussing important matters with your clients while sitting back on plush leather seats. This can be carried out in complete privacy with ease.

Travel in a convenient manner

The capacious seating area allows you to travel together with your business associates without splitting them in different vehicles. Whether you are 2, 5, or more in number; you can choose the specific model accordingly. Each of them comes with a well-equipped interior stuffed with entertainment system, a good air conditioning system, ice chest bar, and surround sound system. No matter how long the traveling distance is, you can ride comfortably.  


Corporate events need aplomb to show that you value such occasions. For this reason, limo rental services make perfect sense. The professional chauffeur behind the wheels offers you timely pick up and drop off facilities. Since punctuality is the hallmark of such events, so he assures that no delays are caused on his part.

For the smooth conduct of business meetings while on the ride, get in touch with King Limos. Inclined towards customer service, we offer tailored limo rental packages to suit your requirements. Nothing can surpass our extravagance in terms of services as well as limo vehicles. For your bookings, just give us a call on 604-690-0929; else get in touch with us online by emailing us at . You can be assured of satisfactory experience.

In today’s era being ridden in luxury transportation has become a status symbol. Anything less than this is considered boring. However, not everyone can afford such posh vehicles. If you want to celebrate your upcoming occasion in an extra-ordinary manner and that too without burning a hole in your pocket, then rent limo services. It is a best way to turn your dream of extravagance into reality. Let’s have a look at some of its perks.  

Premium amenities

In such an affordable cost, you get plethora of amenities while renting a limousine. It comes equipped with standard features such as plush leather seats, ice chest bar, entertainment units, sound system, and a lot more. The mood lightning creates a warm and inviting ambience for your journey. You even get a chance to watch your favorite movie as you roll down the streets.

Professional assistance

You can even enjoy alcoholic beverages without worrying about driving. The professional chauffeur will handle the transportation issue letting you fully enjoy the ride. When you are not burdened with taking care of directions and routes, your journey becomes a hassle-free experience. The professionals being undergone with extensive training assures you smooth ride.

Diverse range

The best thing about limousine is that it comes in varied models. You can choose the required variant to suit your group size needs and budget. For smaller groups, sedans can be the best choice. For larger group travels, nothing can prove more comfortable and convenient than stretch limo rentals.  

Turn the heads away

The elegant and magnificent look of the vehicle make you hop inside it. Your attention gets riveted and you are curious to see who will get out from such a ravishing ride. You too can command such attention and turn the heads away of the onlookers by choosing to ride in posh limo vehicle.

For exclusive limo rental services in Vancouver, get in touch with King Limos. Our vehicles come with a dash of luxury, style, and comfort. We are committed to offer excellence to our clients. All our packages are tailored wisely keeping your needs in mind. For your bookings, call us at 604-690-0929. In case of any queries, email us at . We will serve you in the best possible manner.

If you want to make your strong presence at a special event, you need to impress the audience. It greatly matters how you make your entry to the event venue. Limo ride is something that adds a touch of extravagance and sophistication to your day. No matter, its birthday, wedding eve, graduation day, or any other occasion; you will surely make a style statement with a limo rental.

Chauffeured-driven ride

One of the best things about limo services is the professional chauffeur being offered. They come impeccably attired and are well mannered. They are not only skilled in driving, but also well-versed with the city routes too. They will pamper you in an unobtrusive manner and treat you like royalty. During the entire ride, they make sure that your minuscule needs are fulfilled. Arriving in such a chauffeured driven ride will give you a celebrity feel.    

Perfect for making a grand entry

Traveling in such a posh ride will turn all the heads around and make you the centre of the attraction. Regardless of type of occasion you are heading towards, limousine will make you and your guest feel comfortable. The opulent interior will create a warm and inviting ambience.

Peace of mind

You can have a peace of mind that you don’t have to endure driving and parking hassles. You simply sit back, relax, and create memories with your mates. Moreover, you can be assured of your on time pick ups and drop offs.

Perfect for group travels

If you are traveling in a group, then limo rental can be the best choice of transportation. It comes in different models as per your varied group size. You can choose a sedan if you are 3-4 people. However, if you are in a large group, it would be ideal to opt stretch limousine. You can cherish the amenities equipped inside in complete privacy.

If any special event is on the charts, consider renting limousine with King Limos. We are here to serve you with all top class and high quality limo services to help you make your event memorable and unforgettable. We deliver an exceptional customer service to make you and your groups feel special. For more information, you can get in touch with us.